The Trade Cartels

Finally free of the Empress’s goblin hordes and the fell creatures of Syaich and Klanaich, the Dwarves found themselves sitting on a great wealth of precious metals and fine steel. They claimed the caves of the Spinestone Mountains for their own and organized into powerful mercantile guilds, The Trade Cartels.

The Cartels own nearly all of the mines in western Tolgalen, and the dwarves, operating out of their Vaults under the Spinestones, are hailed by many as the finest craftsmen in the kingdoms. Their wealth and canny business sense has lead to many negative opinions of the dwarves as well; many consider them to be greedy and heartless, valuing money over anything else.

On The Council

More concerned with expanding their own influence under the mountains and with hunting down the monstrous remnants of Athrintalec’s army than with surface affairs, the dwarves had little to do with Crownfall War, preferring instead to let the humans work it out for themselves. Their detractors are quick to point out that the dwarves were not merely isolationist, however, and readily traded goods and materials to multiple factions during the war, making a sizeable fortune in the process.

Despite their detachment, the Dwarves were sought out by the Gnomes for the signing of the Red Blade Treaty. They saw the advantage to more unified and stable neighbors, so the Dwarves assented. Governed by the Cartels, the dwarves are represented on the Council by representatives of the most powerful guilds, who share a voice equal to any of the Human kingdoms, although they are rarely unified in their opinions.

The Trade Cartels

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