The Children of Stone and Sky

Exploited for their size and strength, the Goliaths were enslaved as laborers and gladiators throughout the Empire. The few suvivors of Athrintalec’s mistreatment reformed under the leadership of a few shaman into a totemic, tribal structure, withdrawing to the mountains of Kaffrey.

While not unheard of, Goliaths are rarely encountered outside of their own territory. They do send emissaries into the towns of Kaffrey to trade for the few supplies they cannot produce themselves, and occaisionally a young Goliath will leave the tribes, exploring the mainland before returning to their homes. Interestingly, the towering Goliaths find themselves most welcome among the halflings, who were also enslaved and nearly obliterated by the Empire.

The tribes do maintain a presence on the High Council, where they more often than not ally with Kaffrey.

More information on Goliaths can be found in Races of Stone.

The Children of Stone and Sky

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