King Alexar Tuomon, leading a powerful faction at the end of the Crownfall War, requested the southern ward of Tolgalenfor his kingdom, out of a desire to assure responsible stewardship of the Scalestruck Isles, which were ravaged in the aftermath of Athrintalec’s death. The country, named for Alexar’s daughter, is poor in natural resources and bears a considerable economic burden due to economic support programs for refugees from the Isles and other effects of the tyrant’s fall. Alexar’s sons, Mireck and Salenn, have voiced their disapproval of their father’s costly altruism, and as the old king’s health begins to falter, many fear the nation will take a new direction at the crowning of the new king.


Sirital, settled in the hills near the Donnerat Jungle is the capitol of Releria. With a population of roughly 6,000, it is smaller than Caron, Releria’s coastal trading hub in the east.


Releria is ruled by a king, but Alexar relies heavily upon his appointed ministers to run the country. As the king’s age advances and his health falters, Alexar delegates more and more to his ministers – mostly old men themselves, his generals and supporters from the Crownfall War. No official edict regarding succession has been made, though many assume the crown will pass to one of his sons, Mireck or Salenn. His third child, Reler’issa, serves as one of the nation’s delegates to the High Council, but she is widely discounted as a potential heir due to her illegitimate elven heritage.


Releria’s borders include the southern stretches of the Spinestone Mountains and a large sub-tropical jungle, the Donnerat. Most notably though, Releria includes the Scalestruck Isles, a chain of islands left behind in the wake of a devastating magical earthquake.


The southernmost kingdom, Releria is a sub-tropical environment, with very warm, humid summers and cool, rainy winters. The islands are sometimes ravaged by typhoons and tropical storms, typically once or twice a year, but the mainland rarely recieves the brunt of those storms.


Releria is a poor country. It’s most prevalent natural resource was iron, but after the earthquake, most of the iron-pits were lost to the bottom of the sea. The kingdom’s main industry now is textiles, mainly silk and linen. The soil of the northern hills is best suited to growing flax, and many creatures in the Donnerat produce silk; materials to produce vibrant dyes can also be found in the jungle. The fields also yield a fair amount of tobacco, providing a much needed cash crop to the Relerian farmers.
Releria imports a large amount of food from Carthia, as the water of the Isles yields fairly little fish, barely enough to support the halfling flotillas that ply the waters.


Releria maintains a small navy, and all citizens are required to serve in the military in times of need. The nation does not have the resources to fully equip their army, so they are a hodge-podge of archers, infantry, and some light calvalry. Releria does maintain a core army, but it is very small and used mainly for distributing domestic aid and peace-keeping.


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