Minor families that were uncomfortable throwing in with one of the three royals at the signing of the Red Blade Treaty decided to band together into a parliamentary government, and secured the island of Kaffrey, north of Carthia, for their realm. Largely unsettled when the country was founded, it was for many years an inhospitable place. In recent years, Kaffrey has carved out its place in the kingdoms, and is becoming a rising power in the High Council.
The Goliath Tribes make their homes in the mountains, and they enjoy relatively easy relations with the Kaffreans, as they tend to be respectful of nature and the Goliaths themselves.


Although there are no particularly large cities in Kaffrey, the government is seated in Strahan, a moderately sized harbor town near the northern end of the island.


Not really a kingdom at all, Kaffrey is a parliamentary republic, with a legislative Chamber of 30 elected ministers from througout the nation. Presiding over the legislature is the Prime Minister, currently a shipping tycoon named Dreyling Lightheart. The Prime Minister mainly serves as a moderator for the Chamber, deciding which matters to debate, scheduling votes, and maintaining the rules of decorum; in the event of a tied vote in the chamber, the Prime Minister may cast the tie-breaking vote.


Most of the Kaffrey Mountains that form the backbone of the island have been inactive for an age, although Mount Ossus, near the southern end of the island is still active, and erupted as recently as 100 years ago. The mountains range from high, craggy peaks in the south to more rounded summits in the northern ranges. The lowlands around the edges of the island are filled with deep forest. The Esk River flows nearly the length of the island, parallel to the southern edge of the mountains.


On average, Kaffrey is far colder than mainland Tolgalen, as it is pummeled by strong winds whipping over the North Sea. Despite the biting cold and frequent precipitation in the spring and autumn, there is surprisingly little acccumulation of snowfall, except in the dead of winter. Autumnal ice storms, however, can leave a thick glazing of ice over the mountains and trees, making them extremely treacherous. Summers never reach high temperatures, but can be very pleasant and comfortable.


Skilled seamen, Kaffreans handle most of the waterborne shipping along the north and west of the mainland. The Kaffreans also act as traders and supply brokers, sometimes putting them at odds with the Cartels. They also export furs and hardwoods from the island in exchange for grains and fabric from Carthia and Releria. The discovery of Arcanite has lead to a strong black market industry, as the herbs required to make the drug come from the Kaffrey Mountains, where they were first used by Goliath shaman.


Kaffrey’s large mechant fleet can also serve as a very skilled navy, and the country can even maintain an aerial regiment, due to a strong ranger and druidic tradition and the large numbers of (usually) friendly griffons in the Kaffrey Mountains.


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