Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 11: To Shale Creek

From the log of Loreguard Kelnyeldau

After days of investigation and travel, I have finally found the opportunity to sit down and update the journal of my travels. I hope, as always, that they will benefit our glorious Loreguard Cabal in their quest for knowledge.

Currently we are camped for the night roughly a half day south of Outwall. The elements have begun to favor us, but it does not make much difference as Vashara the Raptoran and Thistle the halfling have found us adequate shelter for the evening. My sigils should adequately do double duty of keeping away wild beasts while giving me enough light to continue my writing during my watch.

I am eager to speak of the nature of our journey, but I should first continue where I left off in my previous entry, with the defeat of the Carthian spy Treynal Merinden and the rescue of Davin Maler, the captain (a sort of subarbiter for those readers unfamiliar with the justice system outside of the Cabal) of the Northshore area of Kestrel, and one of my companions’ greatest resources.

Upon conversing with the captain, we learned that his capture had been little more than a happy coincidence. Merinden’s plan originally was to recapture Conor Damilus, the wastrel we had encountered earlier, and regain the plans that he had originally purchased from Berrick before Thistle and Buttercup chased him down. However, with Maler practically falling into his lap on a routine patrol, Merinden switched to a Plan B that he didn’t know he had.

With Conor and his family currently hidden away in a undisclosed location, we turned our attention, for now, to two of the wizards that had been employed by Merinden. For the first time I had the opportunity to read two spellbooks besides my own. Although the wizards themselves are in a class not much greater than my own, the writings contained within are absolutely fascinating. The codes, the notations, the language involved in some of these spells… Well, they probably wouldn’t hold the attention of the Arcana Keepers, but I’m entranced. I have already taught myself one spell from the books, and am currently researching another. But that is for another time, and perhaps for another journal.

Within these books we found two pieces of writing. The first is a piece of, for lack of a better description, vulgar anthropological smut, of no use to the Cabal as far as I can tell. I have handed it off to Thistle, who seems continually interested in the baser nature of things, but if I learn that Cabal would like writings of cross-species erotica (perhaps for the closed stacks) then I can probably coax it back from her again.

The second is a letter from one of the wizards to his female companion back home. It discusses his time at the Mendoros school of magic in Carthia, as well as their recruitment into the Carthian plot. He also talks about a kind of magical enhancement herb, which we find on both wizards. After a discussion with Maler, as well as experimentation by Brundle (how he could find the insanity to do such a thing is beyond me. I’m willing to jump into a sewer, but that’s nothing compared to inhaling the smoke of an unknown plant), we discover that it is a boosting drug called Arcanite. We are keeping it on hand for now, although I personally am loathe to use such a thing.

As for the Mendoros connection, I’m hoping to gain more information, and it may be an avenue we pursue further in the future, especially with a personal connection within our group: Brundle’s niece is a student there.

The next day or so are not worthy of much detail, except to say that Thistle and Brundle have become close in a way that forced Thomadril and I to sleep further away from their rooms while Vashara has nested on the roof of the inn in order to get some rest. In addition, we have enhanced our equipment, including a lightning spear and Drakeskin armor for Thistle.

Also, we have temporarily lost a companion. Carol, the human cleric of Olidammara, has awoken from her drunken stupor long enough to embark on an unknown quest with some of her fellow compatriots. Her note to us has stated that she will return to us soon, and we only hope that is the case.

On to the matter at hand. Earlier in the day we were visited at the inn by Loreguard Rendalyes, the esteemed Lorekeeper for the Loreguard cabal. While there, he charged me with a task for the cabal: to retrieve a book from the land of one Meron Conrell. We do not know the name of the book, only its physical description. As for its contents, I have been asked by Rendalyes not to open it, so of course it will stay closed.

And then… the rest of my compatriots began to negotiate terms of payment. I know I should not speak of personal feelings in this log, but you understand how egregiously shameful this was for me to watch. This was Rendalyes. Our Lorekeeper. What he asks for Loreguard, we do for Loreguard. There is little doubt that this book is important for the cabal. It may even be a tome from the Library of the Sublime itself. I would give my fortune, I would give my sigils, I would give my life for such a thing, and yet here they were, bartering like it was nothing more than a piece of pottery at the market.

Nevertheless, it appears that the Black Table agrees to the importance of the book, as Loreguard Rendalyes has been given permission to pay my colleagues for the return of the book. Even then, they questioned it. Vashara especially. She even forced Rendalyes to shake her hand to seal the deal. Clearly this is an important task.

So we are on our way. After a brief encounter with the thief Dunphy, who gave us payment and information on the so-called Laughing Man (he works for him, it would appear) we met up with Meron Conrell at his estate in Outwall. After agreeing to terms (again with terms, how someone cannot just say “Please, you can have the book, as it is vitally important” is beyond me), we are now traveling south towards Shale Creek, the location of the Manor and the book. There has apparently been trouble there. Of course. And we will most likely have to fight. Of course. But this is the Sublime we’re fighting for, and that’s the most important of all.

But, according to Brundle, there may be Dire Wolves.

I think I’m going to study my spells a little more. And maybe sharpen my blades…

the following information has been hastily jotted down on a separate slip of paper

We were just ambushed by a group of gnolls and their hyena attack dogs upon our arrival at Shale Creek. We were victorious, but just barely. Almost lost Brundle. Vashara, as well, but the bard Thomadril Merrilyn reacted just in time, hitting the leader of the army with a Fascinate spell, song, whatever. This allowed Vashara to escape the net that she had become entangled in, as well as giving us the opportunity to wipe out the remaining fighters before turning our attention to the imposing leader.

Our magicks are improving. I used Mage Armor for the first time, with effective results. Thistle appears to be able to make a giant fireball in the air similar to that used by Merinden, and Thomadril can make duplicates of himself appear out of thin air. I’ll have to try to find that spell myself…

The group is currently splitting up the spoils from battle as I write this. There is a burned and ruined building off in the distance. That must be where the book lies….


Looking over this again, the thing I really like about it (and Duck’s previous one, too) is the point of view and characterization. I really hope we can get the whole party to do this at least once.

Session 11: To Shale Creek

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