Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 17 A (a conflicted gnome)

As Brundle steps into the nearly empty bar he wonders if there has ever been a time in his life when he has felt more exhausted than he does at this moment. Why then does he find himself standing erect at this late hour? The events of the day weigh heavily on his conscience. Thistle had done her best to clear his mind and help him relax but even page 24 of their favorite book couldn’t help him settle down for the evening. Brundle takes a seat, lights his pipe, and tries to distract himself with the performance on the bars small stage. The male and female duo don’t hold a candle to the strumming of the melodious Merrilyn, but then again few songs sound better than ones that have actually kept you alive on the battle field. The tune the pair addresses the crowd with, while catchy, seems horrifically simplistic in structure and seems to just dole on and on forever. “Ow! Kristen Schaal is a horse, Kristen Schaal is a horse! Look at her dance and look at her go! Look at her dance like a horse! Ow! Kristen Schaal is a horse, Kristen Schaal is a horse! Look at her dance and look at her go! Look at her dance like a horse! Ow! Kristen Schaal is a horse, Kristen Schaal is a horse! Look at her dance and look at her go! Look at her dance like a horse! Ow! Kristen Schaal is a horse, Kristen Schaal is a horse! Look at her dance and look at her go! Look at her dance like a horse…” Brundle is forced to wonder if his day will ever come to an end just like this song doesn’t seem to, at which point the humorous repetition of the chorus slowly ceases to amuse him. He turns his attention away and begins reflecting on the nights activities. In an attempt to save Captain Maler, the team rushed from thwarting an assassination into the muck and filth of the sewers. Only a brief amount of time would pass before the team would find themselves engaged in confrontation with a seemingly endless sea of goblins, orcs, and bugbears. The battles were won but not gained without the unpleasantness of trudging through the sewage. Prestidigitation spells would abound by the time the day was through. The team would come across an encampment of 50 or so unfriendlies and a plan was created in an attempt to draw some of the teams forces away. The encampment didn’t empty but they did send an ogre named Tiny to join into the fray some of the team was already engaged with. Merrillyn made brilliant use of his fascinate ability to lure the ogre into the perfect spot for an ambush and Brundle and Vash dispatched him before he even had the opportunity to counter. With the orcs still arming themselves in the encampment it was apparent the party was going to have to find an alternative route to locate Maler and his men.

The team headed down an old metal ladder that lead into a cave filled with spider webs and cocooned orcs with a warning written in orcish to stay away. A badge of one of Maler’s men lay at the tunnel entrance. The group decided to venture forward, burning away the webs as they traveled. Eventually they would find themselves in a room with giant rats, centipedes, and an enormous spider. Upon attempting to attack the vermin a swarm of rats spilled into the room transforming into a druid, Slytha, vermin druid of Vinter. She was furious about the attack but eased some as we spoke to her of our allegiance with Captain Maler. Eventually we convinced her to help us and she informed us how to avoid the various traps and pitfalls as we continued on our journey.
The team would end up in a place acting as some sort of torture chamber or cell. Two of Maler’s men, Mar Pannett, and another guard were able to be rescued but the team failed to arrive in time to save Maler or the rest of his squad. A bugbear champion lead a team against the heroes who struggled extensively during the battle. Some of the party found themselves frozen in place, others just failed in execution all together. The fates would eventually land on the party’s side but it definitely felt to Brundle to be one of their least successful ventures. They recovered a n evil holy symbol from the champion which they broke, a Magical heavy pick and an amulet of earthbinding. The rats returned and hurried the party and the rescued men back to the surface where a team awaited the upcoming battle with the orcs. Vash and Keneda stayed to hold the line despite Brundle’s insistence that they really needed to rest. He returned with Merryl and Thistle and now finds that rest impossible to obtain.
Upon further reflection, Brundle decides that there are multiple influences ruining his slumber. One of which was the allies he left on the front line. He feels like taking the time to recuperate was the wise thing to do but worries that some horrible tragedy might befall them in his absence. A sin he doubts he would ever be able to forgive himself for. He also reflects on Kenada and Vash’s strength of moral character and wonders if his lack of passion over Maler says anything about his own moral character. After all, he didn’t really know the man personally, he just hired him to do jobs from time to time, they had never shared a laugh a cry or even broken bread together. Then again, the party had known him longer than he did. None the less, Brundle definitely debated whether taking work from the laughing man was the correct choice or not.
As Brundle finishes the last drag on his pipe, he had found no peace. He threw some coins on the table, nodded to the band still drolling on with the same old chorus, and headed out of the bar to see if his compatriots had managed to return home.



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