Dragonbone Kingdoms

Magical Threats and An Unwilling Ally

Platinum Expeditions, having spent some time in the cell block recovering spells and healing the fungal infection that plagued Merrilyn and Thistle, explored the tunnel out of the cell block.

-The tunnel led down to a labyrinthine, frost-coated cavern. They encountered a strange animate fog, which Merrilyn deduced was a Cone of Cold spell, somehow rendered a living creature.

-Pressing on, the group found a massive cavern with a huge free-standing stone pillar, with what appeared to be a smashed carriage at the base.

-Brundle and Lilliana flew up to the top of the pillar, finding what appeared to be some kind of loading platform for a suspended rail system, and then returned to the group.

-The party elected to explore the level at which they entered the keep and headed back up the tunnel to the cell block

-They found the eastern exit from the cells blocked, but decided to loop back around through the western storeroom where they found the necromantic mold, rather than attempt to negotiate the security station.

-Following the track in the floor from the storeroom, the group entered a large room with three wells near the northern wall. A few of them went to check out a soft glow emanating from the central well, but Gedda’s warning shout came too late when the floor collapsed, sending the investigators falling to the bottom of the ancient cistern below.

-Moving to examine a dead body in the slimy pit, they were attacked by a Reekmurk, a voracious, but blessedly rare, predator ooze found in caves and lightless deep water. The creature was quite powerful, but once again Lilliana’s magical flight pulled her allies out of danger.

-Brundle detected magic on the corpse, but rather than brave the reekmurk, the group elected to use his magical abilities to retrieve the item. However, they needed a clear line-of-sight to the body, so they smashed a hole in the weakened floor so they could avoid falling back into the pit. Brundle lifted the magic item, a ring, from the body, but the group found themselves with more pressing concerns before they could make use of it.

-Unfortunately, the loud banging from Brundle’s impromptu demolition attracted attention from the east: 4 dragon-headed wights rushed into the passage. Immensely strong and breathing acid, the ancient sentinels were a stiff challenge, especially when the reekmurk managed to scale the side of the old cistern and join the melee.

-Carol used her divine power to command one of the wights, but even so the battle was rough. Several members of the party were hit by the wights, only to find their strength drained away. Lilliana dealt a considerable amount of destruction with her fire spells, but was nearly killed by a blast of acid when she attempted to fly away from the undead creatures.

-The wights and reekmurk were killed, and the group interrogated their unwilling servant. The Sentinel, while under Carol’s domination, was still filled with a dark hunger for the vital energy of the living, and a desire to see them killed. He would follow her orders, but did so grudgingly and shared few details unless commanded.

-He was one of Queen Acraeshyn’s elite Sentinels, and he and his clutch-mates were killed here leading the evacuation of this keep after Athrintalec filled the hallways with a foul and deadly miasma (which Lilliana guessed to be a massive Cloudkill spell). The wights had only recently reawakened when the magical power network in the keep was reactivated (the magic was different though, as though tainted somehow). He shared details of the Old Kingdom, asserting his absolute loyalty to his queen and his dismay over the long passage of time and the deaths of his people.

-The group examined a crystal in the guard tower that was powered by a magical green energy – the tainted network of which the Sentinel told them. They considered disabling the crystal, but were uncertain how much energy would be released by their efforts. Seeking to avoid being caught in a magical backlash, they left the crystal alone.

-They pressed on to find the platform that Lilliana and Brundle had spied in their flight from the cavern below. The railcars were unpowered, but a mechanism nearby, flanked by 2 dragon-headed statues, seemed connected to the system. When asked, the Sentinel confirmed that the statues and the mechanism were “tied to magical network” that powered the railcars. Merrilyn and Gedda worked together to reactivate the system, only to find the statues were animated as well, and seemed to be targeting them as intruders.



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