Welcome to the Dragonbone Kingdoms!

After a millenia of oppressive rule, the survivors rebuild. For now, the land is united – but how long can altruism and cooperation triumph over greed and ambition? And somewhere in the wild places of the land, war drums are beginning to sound, while fanatical shaman speak of resurrecting the dead Empress…

Feel free to take a look at the wiki . There is some helpful info there, particularly on the Custom Rules page. Let me know what topics you’d like to know more about, so I know what things I should update first.


Farian Dandel has revealed himself as the “Elf in White” who has been stalking the party. His minions were defeated, and his attempt to seize Brundle’s book was thwarted. He teleported away.
Craytzia has been frozen in time using the Spear of the Harbinger, but Carol was lost in time and space. No sign of her remains.

Make sure to look at the new Saga So Far Page. You guys requested a recounting of the significant events in the campaign.

As usual, I’ll have printed copies of all the Custom Rules we’re using, but please feel free to look at them – if you have suggestions or tweaks for any of them, please speak up.

Action Point Tally

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I’ve already mentioned character backgrounds as a good thing to provide (and a good way to score an AP), but I’d like to add a little more: don’t be afraid to really go for it in your background. If you want your character to be born under a prophecy or the rightful heir to a throne go ahead and say so. The more detailed your background, and the more your history ties in to the rest of the world the better. If you give me something to work with, your odds of a cool adventure directly tied to your past go way up (and your odds of finding some cool, tailor-made loot). For those of you still working on backgrounds, or if you just want to add some temporal specificity, I have added a timeline to the wiki, as well as a note about the calendar.

I’m offering 3 actions points if someone knows enough photoshop to give us a cool banner image for the site. The old one didn’t fit the new layout, so we need a new one.

Also, you have the ability to import a picture for your character. Draw it, borrow it, buy it, whatever, just give the artist his due. You’ll get a shiny new action point for it!

Dragonbone Kingdoms

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