The continent of Tolgalen was, until recently, under the tyrannical rule of Athrintalec, the Emerald Queen. It is now divided into 4 kingdoms, with independent nations of other races within the borders of those kingdoms; these disparate nations seek common ground as members of the High Council.


The mainland of Tolgalen is roughly 75,000 square miles, stretching nearly 500 miles from east to west. There are a number of islands off of the coast, and the rolling fields of the central mainland are bookended by high mountains and deep forests.

The Green Veil: Roughly 75-100 miles off the coast in each direction, a towering wall of greenish fog encircles the continent; all who have attempted to find a path through it have gone missing. Legend maintains that the continent was sundered from the rest of the world as a punishment for Athrintalec’s crimes.

Islands and Seas
Mountains and Forests
Rivers and Lakes


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