The Timeline

Time in Tolgalen is measured according to the new calendar instituted by the High Council, shortly after its founding.

The years are reckoned either OE (Old Empire) or CF (Crownfall), starting with the year of Athrintalec’s death and the collapse of her Empire.
Each year consists of 12 months, each 28 days long, with a pair of week-long festivals at mid-summer and mid-winter.


  • 1052 OE: Athrintalec takes control of a large tribe of orcs and begins her conquest of Tolgalen.
  • 1036 OE: The Empire is founded as the Dragon Queen’s armies crush the halfling armies in the south, the last large-scale resistance on the mainland. Construction begins immediately on Athrintalec’s palace, Wyrmsreach.
  • 1003 OE: Athrintalec moves into Wyrmsreach,
  • 994 OE: Athrintalec’s armies begin constructing her mainland fortresses.
    • 979 OE: Construction on Draich is completed.
    • 975 OE: Trenaich is completed.
    • 973 OE: Syaich is completed.
    • 972 OE: Klanaich is completed.
    • 965 OE: Elyaich is finished, completing the Arcane Matrix.
  • 935 OE: Athrintalec creates the Green Veil, preventing incursions from foreign lands.
  • 926 OE: Athrintalec begins her first purges of the Elves, executing many for minor offenses and targeting the old and knowledgeable. She also sends her troops to begin sacking libraries throughout Tolgalen; she seizes books of magical lore and has works of history destroyed.
  • 373 OE: The Empress perpetrates her largest act of Elvish genocide, leading to the re-naming of the Lake of Sorrows.
  • 112 OE: Dursten Howlett forms the Red Blades, a band of guerilla freedom fighters.
  • 92 OE: Dursten Howlett binds himself into Athrintalec’s Arcane Matrix.
  • Crownfall (Year 0): The Red Blades infiltrate Wyrmsreach and destroy the Empress. The Matrix collapses and the Empire is scattered. The Illumians appear in the ruins of Draich.
  • 3 CF: Adula Tuomon accuses 13 of her fellow nobles of collaborating with the Empire. The Crownfall War begins.
  • 14 CF: The warring nobles rally behind three main banners: Adula Tuomon, Drenel Crage, and Nerala Sathirin.
  • 16 CF: The Arcane College is founded near Gerolin (modern-day Mendoros), to train mages for the Crage Faction
  • 17 CF: Adula Tuomon is assassinated, the Crage faction is suspected. Her 18 year old son, Alexar takes the head of the faction.
  • 25 CF: Mendel Carthulas takes command of the Crage faction when Drenel is killed by an orcish raid during the Battle of Caron.
  • 39 CF: The Gnomes are nearly wiped out by Orcs and Giants. They begin to work to end the war.
  • 41 CF: The First Treaty is rejected by the warring factions.
  • 42 CF: The Red Blade Treaty is signed by Alexar Tuomon, Mendel Carthulas, and Nerala Sathirin, creating the kingdoms of Releria, Carthia, and Howlett, respectively. The lesser factions unite to form the nation of Kaffrey. The non-human communities are also granted sovereignty by the Treaty, and the High Council is formed.
  • 43 CF: The Arcane College is expanded to include mundane knowledge as well; the Carthian University is founded.
  • 44 CF: The Illumians present themselves to the High Council, and are ultimately declared allies of the Kingdoms.
  • 63 CF: Queen Nerala Sathirin of Howlett steps down, her daughter Nalome Sathirin is named her successor.

The Timeline

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