the Elector's Assembly

The Nation of Howlett is a monarchy, and final authority lies with its queen. She is advised by a The Elector’s Assembly, a body of 13 elected officers that represent the people of Howlett.

Role in Government

The electors serve three primary functions within the government. Firstly, they act as advisors to the monarch -but although they have her ear, the queen’s word is law. The second role of the electors is as regional governors; they moderate the day-to-day operation of their counties and distribute the crown’s edicts.
Their third duty is the one the Electors take most seriously: when Howlett’s founding queen, Nerala Sathirin, took the throne and formed the Elector’s Assembly, she gave them the authority to pick her successor, hoping thereby to ensure that only worthy rulers, with the support of the people, could take the throne. The Assembly has only served that duty once so far, when they selected Nerala’s only child, Nalome Sathirin, to be the nation’s second queen.

The Counties

Five of the Electors represent the nation’s capitol, Kestral; each district chooses its own representative. The Lake-Folk hold three seats in the assembly; while the farmholds hold two, and the quarry-towns in the Stormpeak Mountains hold two as well. The small villages in the southwestern reaches of the Wychpine Forest hold one, and in practice this elector often works closely with the elven ambassador to the queen.

Selecting the Electors

Each of Howlett’s 13 counties uses its own means to choose a representaive. For most, particularly within Kestral, this takes the form of a public election; however the more remote regions, like the quarry-towns of the Stormpeak Mountains, are much more informal about the process, being more concerned with day-to-day life.

the Elector's Assembly

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