Stormpeak Mountains

The towering peaks of northern Howlett are known as the Stormpeak Mountains -a well deserved name, as the winds whipping through the rocks are unpredictable and turbulent, and even a small temperature change can cause a large enough change in pressure to spark a fierce thunderstorm. Despite the volatile weather, the mountains are highly valued by the people who call them home.


Tending to be steep and stark, the stones of the mountains range in coloration from a purplish grey to a deep blue. Capped with pristine white snow and often draped in heavy clouds, it is sometimes hard to see the peaks themselves, giving the impression that the Stormpeaks reach into the heavens. Still, life is abundant, as every possible shelf of stone is thick with hardy plants and animals, supported by many mountain springs that flow into the lakes below. Made of harder stone than the larger Spinestone range, the Stormpeaks lack the extensive cave structure found there.


The Stormpeaks are the home of the last remaining tribes of Raptorans, who are the undisputed masters of the peaks and the air around them. The foothills are also home to many small quarry-towns, operated mostly by human residents of Howlett (although other races are common as well, most of the population is human).
The innumerable nooks and crannies of the mountain range are also home to orcs, goblinoids, and giants, remnants of the Dragon’s armies. These creatures band into small tribes and raiding parties, preying on whoever they can. As of yet, they lack a leader strong enough to form the disparate groups into a coherent threat.


The very strong blue stone of the mountains is in high demand throughout the kingdoms, and is one of Howlett’s primary exports. Because of minimal existing cave systems and the hardness of the stone, mining the Stormpeaks is back-breaking, difficult work; even so, it is a lucrative industry, as they are rife with precious gems and minerals important to many magical and alchemical processes.

Stormpeak Mountains

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