Spinestone Mountains

Running the length of Tolgalen’s western coast, the Spinestone Mountains are vital to the nations of Carthia and Releria, and the caves beneath them are home to the Dwarven Vaults, as well as stranger, more savage creatures.


The mountains are grey and craggy, topped year-round with snowy peaks and glaciers. Shorter than the Stormpeaks in the east, the Spinstone ranges are also younger, still possessed of many rough edges and razor sharp scree created during the mountains’ volcanic inception.
Although the volcanos that formed the peaks millenia ago are long dormant, the caves that honeycomb a network through the stone are evidence of that activity. The cave network is vast and much of it remains unexplored; it is said that one could walk the length of the range without ever venturing above ground.


Many of the Old Empire’s troops retreated into the caves after Crownfall, where they battle for territory against the Dwarves, the twisted creatures created at the Twin Spires, and beasts even older.
The foothills all along the range are also home to settlements of Carthians and Relerians, who quarry the flinty grey stone for local building projects. These villagers are hardy folk, weathered by their wilderness homes, where life is harder than in the cities and raiding parties of orcs and giants are unfortunately common.

Spinestone Mountains

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