New Languages


Devised by gnomish slaves in the Old Empire, songspeak is a coded language functionally similar to thieves’ cant. Using musical rhythm, pitch, and voice, the code can be used to communicate surprisingly complex concepts.
To the untrained ear, Songspeak sounds merely like a strangely disjointed series of warm-ups or improvised sketches. Songspeak can be further concealed by working it into a proper tune or recognizable melody, but doing so imposes a -15 on the Perform check and limits the speaker’s vocabulary considerably, allowing the communication of only basic ideas, (such as numbers, directions, and basic descriptions).

Songspeak is a secret language, requiring training as normal (selected as a bonus language at character creation or purchased with 2 skill points as level up), with two restrictions:

  • Firstly, as a secret language there must be a clear reason why the charater can speak the tongue, most likely training from a character that is already proficient.
  • Secondly, the language draws heavily on musical ability. To learn this language, a character must have at least 4 ranks in any Perform skill.

New Languages

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