Naming the Party

The following conversation takes place Captain Mayler and three of his men Rodderick, Odom, and Filmore. It begins just inside the Dented Tankard after Mayler returns to check on their progress.

Rodderick: Captin Mayler, I think you will be pleased. It took all day but I think we finally got this place fixed up. I tell you it is hard to get blood stains out of these old floor boards.

Mayler: Not bad. You almost made this place look respectable…almost. Did you take care of the bodies outside?

Odom: There are bodies outside? Good god, how many people got killed yesterday?

Mayler: I believe there are two more outside and then another half dozen or more in a warehouse not far away, oh and then there are the couple of bodies that were thrown from the cart and their boss who are considerably further away, but I have different cleaning crews working on those places.

Odom: So what units saw action? The only one I heard about was the failed raid on this place and obviously somebody came back here and whooped some serious tail.

Mayler: It wasn’t one of our units. It was a band of local mercenaries for hire.

Filmore: Mercenaries? You’re telling me we have a band of mercenaries big enough to take out twenty or so undesirables in a single day?

Maylor: Well there were only five in the fray but they took care of the job.

Filmore: Well alright then. Who are they?

Maylor: A band of adventurers currently residing at the Lonesome Jug.

Filmore: What do they call themselves?

Maylor: I don’t know that they have a name.

Rodderick: Wait are you talking about that randy little gathering of strange folk they got over there?

Maylor: I don’t know if I would call them strange, but yes.

Rodderick: Well they are randy, and it seems like the littler they are the randier they get. I heard the Halfling was bragging about seducing an orc or something.

Odom: Ouch!

Rodderick: You could call them the Randy Blades.

Maylor: Okay…

Odom: They leave blood everywhere they go, you could call them The Crimson Congregation.

Maylor: I could…

Rodderick: Or the Lonesome Jug Band!

Odom: Ha! Ha! That’s a good one!

Maylor: I don’t know?

Filmore: Captain, how much do you pay them for an assignment like this?

Maylor: Well the rate varies depending on the job, but for my thanks in this they received a few platinum.

Odom: Platinum? Well there goes my retirement.

Maylor: Remember, the only reason they have work at all is because nimrods like you aren’t cutting it. We tried to come here and got embarrassed. Hell, I can’t even get you all to show up for basic drills on time which is why you are here scrubbing up blood in the first place.

Filmore: Platinum Expeditions!

Maylor: That does have a certain ring to it. And so will your neck if you don’t get out there and get rid of those two bodies before some poor kid happens across them.

Naming the Party

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