Locations in Sapphire Way

Population: 2,500
Wealth: Upper-Middle Class
The heart of commerce in Kestral, Sapphire Way is just east of the Sathir River. Featuring several large plazas and memorial parks, Sapphire way is often described as one large marketplace, boasting treasures from throughout the kingdoms. Many mercantile houses make their business here, as well as many ambassadors from other nations; Sapphire is one of the few places in the city where citizens of all economic levels interact regularly.



Inns and Entertainment:

The Lonesome Jug:
The Jug is a fine establishment, and fairly indicative of the quality of such places in Sapphire Way. Reasonably clean, the Jug boasts fine menu and an impressive assortment of drinks; it is one of the few places in Kestral where one can purchase Relerian Spice-Wine. The owner, Dominick Card, does not employ a full-time minstrel or bard, but the Jug’s simple stage is often occupied, thanks to Dominick’s generous policies -free drinks while you play, and the Jug only claims 5% of any tips (10% is the district standard).

The Widow’s Pier
A high-end inn right on the edge of Lake Sathir, the Widow’s Pier caters to wealthy guests to the city. The two-story taproom boasts a large balcony overlooking the water and some of the finest food an drink available in the city. The gnomish proprietor, Jillada Zabroon, is frequently found mingling with the clientele and often accompanies the house minstrel with flashy, if simple, illusions. The Pier is associated with the Jesting Shadows.


The Lakefront Market:
The large square nearest Kestral Harbor, at the juncture of the Sathir River and Lake Sathir, is a constant bustle of activity. The district charges only a modest daily fee to set up a stall here, so one can usually find a little of everything on sale here. The Guard keeps a visible presence in the market, so beggars and pick-pockets are generally scarce, although it is still best to be wary. Minstrels and performers are allowed to keep tips, but they are considered vendors and must pay the daily fee to set up here.

Margo’s Wondrous Emporium:
Operated by a man with an impressive mustache and a penchant for showmanship, the Emporium is one of the few places to find genuinely useful magical equipment, although supplies and selection are limited. Essentially a pawn-shop, the Emporium has a fairly quick turn-over for merhcandise, and the stock is very fluid.


Locations in Sapphire Way

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