Locations in Northshore

Population: 3,500
Wealth: Lower Class
Kestral’s industrial and shipping center, Northshore squats in the northeastern corner of the city. Dirty and loud, the district boasts plentiful cheap housing and poor food. The twisting alleys and dark corners make it a very unsafe place to be, despite the best efforts of the Guard, who maintain a large guardhouse and many smaller outposts throughout the district. Many buildings in the region stand vacant and dilapidated, providing convenient lairs for gangs and criminals.


Tenpoint Tower:
The district’s Guard Headquarters, Tenpoint Tower is a three-story stone building originally used as a barracks-tower for the orcs who controlled the city under Athrintalec’s rule. It takes its name from the ten gibbets that used to grace the top of the tower, where criminals and malcontents were left to die as an example to the people of the district; the gibbets are gone, but the beams from which they used to hang remain, ringing the top of the tower. Captain Davin Maler is the current head of the Guard in Northshore.


Frothscale Brewery:
Popular in Northshore for it’s ready availability, fish beer is nearly all produced locally -there is little demand elsewhere for alcohol made from lakewater and spoiled fish. The Frothscale Brewery is the largest and most financially sucessful producer of the drink. The owner, Bemm Drenel, forged a partnership with the Kraylek Trade Cartel, and in exchange for a discount was taught a refinement process using lichen and moss. While the drink still smells like ammonia when fresh, this added process mellows that smell considerably over time, allowing the actual taste of the fish to show through. Frothscale actually exports a small quantity of the beer, to the Dwarf-holds and sometimes to Kaffrey and Releria.

Inns and Entertainment:

The Lakeview Inn:
Actually one of the better lodgings in the district, The Lakeview does not, in fact, have a view of the lake. On hot days though, the inn’s proximity becomes painfully apparent, leading to the establishment’s nickname, the Lakesmell Inn. Still, the beds are clean and the food is better than average for the area (the sausage is still better avoided). The owner, Dern McGufyn runs the establishment with the help of his teenage daughter, young son, and a part-time cook.

The Rutting Elf:
Operated by Berk Cray, the Elf is where you go when you aren’t welcome anywhere else. The old sign depicted an elf driving a cart, but the regulars (and Berk) didn’t get the joke, so it was replaced with a much more graphic and obvious sign, which was promptly stolen. The current sign is literally a shingle with a pair of badly-drawn pointed ears and a slightly better portrait of a pair of breasts. The place is cheap, but they don’t care whose money they take, so it is often busy. The local guard captain keeps a couple of his men watching the place, hoping for a reasonable excuse to shut it down; Berk is suspected of drug-running, usury, and slavery.

The Dented Tankard:
A waterfront tavern, the Tankard is operated by a human named Warwitt Quinn. It used to run a pretty good business, but in recent years it has become run-down and deserted. This is alternately attributed to the loss of a talented dwarven minstrel who used to play there regularly or to the opening of a tannery a few streets away. A few regulars still come to the place, but most nights it is empty.



Locations in Northshore

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