The Capitol of Howlett, the bustling city of Kestral is cradled at the juncture of Lake Sathir and the Sathir River. The city is home to Howlett’s government and also the High Council. The sprawling city is home to approximately 13,000 citizens; mostly human, but with a significant population of half-elves and gnomes as well. For administrative purposes, the city is divided into five districts.


Population: 3,000
Wealth: Lower-Middle Class
The portion of walled city that lies west of the Sathir River is home to many businesses and the large administrative structure of the city. Because the Guard’s primary headquarters (including the prison, training barracks, and armory) can be found in this district it has a reputation for being the safest in the city, but also the dullest. Few inns or taverns operate in this region, except for those that cater to the guardsmen themselves, or to city beaurocrats.


Population: 3,000
Wealth: Lower Class
The city’s industrial and shipping center, Northshore squats in the northeastern corner of the city. Dirty and loud, the district boasts plentiful cheap housing and poor food. The twisting alleys and dark corners make it a very unsafe place to be, despite the best efforts of the Guard, who maintain a large guardhouse and many smaller outposts throughout the district. Many buildings in the region stand vacant and dilapidated, providing convenient lairs for gangs and criminals.


Population: 4,500
Wealth: Middle Class
The youngest district of Kestral, Outwall is the spawling mass of new growth outside of the main walls. Nearly all of Outwall has been built in the last 35 years, since peace was established by the Red Blade Treaty. Outwall holds many residences and crafting businesses. Since space is much less limited in than in other regions of the city, many residents in Outwall are able to grow small gardens and keep some livestock. There are many open areas of green space, and Outwall often hosts at least one halfling caravan -it can comfortably hold up to three at one time.

Sapphire Way

Population: 2,500
Wealth: Upper-Middle Class
The heart of commerce in the city, Sapphire Way is just east of the Sathir River. Featuring several large plazas and memorial parks, Sapphire way is often described as one large marketplace, boasting treasures from throughout the kingdoms. Many mercantile houses make their business here, as well as many ambassadors from other nations; Sapphire is one of the few places in the city where citizens of all economic levels interact regularly.

White Bluff

Population: 1,000
Wealth: Upper Class
Physically separated fom the bustle of Guardsreach by high cliffs, White Bluff also has a deep cultural separation from the rest of the city. The largest temples to various gods can be found here, as well as an impressive public theater and the Council Hall. Home to the richest of noble famlilies, the district is carefully watched by its own guards. On high temple days, the streets are open to any who care to walk them, but otherwise visitors to the district are carefully watched. The extra security is not without reason, since important figures from all the nations can be found here, but the common populace chafes under the disconnect.


The main powers at play in Kestral are the Howlett government, the High Council, the City Guard, and a powerful Thieves’ Guild, The Jesting Shadows.


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