Named for the leader of the Red Blades, Howlett was founded by Queen Nerala Sathirin, and is currently ruled by her daughter, Nalome. It enjoys the greatest abundance of natural resources of all the nations in the old empire, but a relatively small populace, causing many in the country to fear invasion from the west. Because such a conflict would be disastrous for Howlett, Queen Nalome relies on a close relationhip with Kaffrey and with the Elves, and also keeps the council on her side by funding expeditions to Wyrmsreach and by hosting the Council Hall in Howlett’s Capitol.


Howlett’s capitol city, Kestral stands proudly on the banks of Lake Sathir. It is the only city of substantial size in the nation.


Queen Nalome Sathirin holds final authority in Howlett, but she is advised by the Electors, a council of 13 elected regional representatives from throughout the nation. Because so much of the country’s population is centered in Kestral each district of the city has its own delegate to this council, while the other 7 councilors represent large geographical portions of the country. While the council is officially limited to an advisory capacity when it comes to matters of state, they do maintain an important bit of authority: Nalome’s mother, Nerala, made sure that it was this council who would elect the successor to the throne, rather than relying on heredity or the whims of the ruling Monarch.


Howlett is home to towering mountains, deep forests and broad lakes. The northern third of the nation holds the Stormpeak Mountains, while another third is occupied by the Wychpine Forest. In the center of the nation can be found the three Deepclaw Lakes, the largest bodies of fresh water in the four kingdoms. The Sathir River forms the western border with Carthia, connecting the Lakes to the Bay of Blades. The rest of the kingdom is primarily rocky hills and lush forests. Little of the land makes for good farmland, but the hills are suitable pasture and there are many deposits of rare minerals and precious metals.


A seasonal temperate area, Howlett enjoys both extremes of the spectrum: sweltering heat in the summer months, and icy chill in the winter. Deep snows are common in and around the Stormpeaks in winter, and the southern hills get heavy rains and flash-flooding in the spring.


Howlett is rich in natural resources, and exports many rare minerals mined from its rocky lands. The nation also exports stone from the Stormpeaks, which is much sought after for its durability and lustrous deep blue coloration, and lumber from the Wychpines, which is a unique silver color and, when treated with rare oils from plants unique to the forest, can glow softly in the moonlight with colors ranging from lavenders to greens and golds.
Howlett’s main imports are grains from Carthia and textiles from Releria. Since Howlett’s terrain is so ill-suited to growing cultivated crops, they must trade for these things.


Howlett’s military is made up, primarily, of a citizen militia: ordinary residents who are prepared to take up arms in their nation’s defense. They are supported by the regular army -far fewer in number but well-trained and equipped. Howlett’s mutual defense treaties with the Elves and with Kaffrey mean they can also count on those resources if it should come to war.


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