High Council

With representative delegations from 9 nations, the High Council is an advisory and dipomatic assembly with the stated aim of stopping wars and providing a platform for international dialogue. Founded at the signing of the Red Blade Treaty, the Council works to establish international cooperation, security, economic development and social progress.


Each member nation is permitted 3 delegates to the Council, which operates out of the Council Hall in Kestral, the capitol of Howlett. These delegates are accompanied by numerous aides and bodyguards, although these attendents are encouraged to remain silent during council meetings. The assembly is presided over by a Chairman-General, who is elected by the council every 8 years. Underneath this Chairman, each of the Councilors is granted equal authority, regardless of seniority on the Council or standing in their countries of origin.

The current Chairman-General is a Relerian nobleman named Tyran Glowern. An old man now, he was a hero of the early Crownfall War; he rallied both sides of a pitched battle to unite against an orcish warband that hoped to take advantage of the chaotic battle to seize slaves and plunder from the nearby city of Caron. Elected to his position based on his former achievements, a growing number of Councilors and nobles feel that he is little more than an impotent figurehead in his dotage.

Authority and Power

While the council does serve mostly as an advisory body, they have in the past taken action to punish members who disregard their council. Most notably along these lines, the council voted to impose trade restrictions on Kaffrey after the island nation refused to cooperate in the investigation of the sinking of a Dwarven caravel in the North Sea. When Kaffrey relented, the restrictions were lifted. The Council does maintain an honor guard of elite soldiers volunteered from all member nations, in order to protect the Council Hall and also to assist member nations in upholding Council decisions.

High Council

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