With more vassal families than his rivals, King Mendel Carthulas was positioned to claim the largest realm at the signing of the Red Blade Treaty. Carthia boasts fertile farmland and a convenient geographical position, making it the wealthiest nation in Tolgalen. The country enjoys easy relations with the Dwarven Trade Cartels, but maintains a large standing army, which makes it’s neighbor’s nervous.


Mendoros, boasting a population of nearly 20,000, is roughly 98% human.
The capitol city is also host to the Carthian University, the only institute for higher learning in the kingdoms, and home to the Arcane College.


King Mendel Carthulas was not a young man when he founded the nation at the end of the Crownfall War, but he rules it still. Hale and hearty despite his advanced age, the King is much beloved by his people, despite the strict laws and military presence he mandates from the throne. King Carthulas enjoys absolute authority, and it is widely assumed that his son Gregor will succeed him, although no official announcement has been made.


Carthia is the largest nation in the kingdoms in terms of land area (although the waters and scattered islands of Releria do technically make it the larger country), and most of that land is rolling, fertile farmland. The Tyssal River cuts a swathe through the countryside, wending its way from the Spinestone Mountains in the west, through the Kryntal Forest in the foothills and then north through the farmlands; fed by many tributary streams and creeks, the river is vital to the fertility of the nation. In the north of Carthia can be found the crumbling remains of Draich, one of the Empire’s mainland fortresses; the land around the ruined keep is blighted and dead, and travelers report strange lights and sounds coming from its broken walls.


Most of Carthia is a temperate area, and ranges from cold, drifting snows in the winter to hot dry summers. Rain is frequent in the spring and fall, but not overwhelming, and the large numbers of creeks provide an effective series of spillways to reduce flooding. Heavy thunderstorms and cyclones are not uncommon in late spring/early summer, but neither are they so frequent as to present a major threat. Southern Carthia, near the Relerian border tends to be warmer and wetter, approaching the sub-tropical climate of the southern nation.


A wealthy nation with a ready supply of food, Carthia imports little -mainly textiles from Releria and minerals from Howlett. The wealthy families of Carthia also import building materials from the east, as lumber from the Wychpines and stone from the Stormpeaks are exceptionally strong and beautiful. Carthia also enjoys easy trade with the Trade Cartels in the mountiains; the Dwarves barter steel and gems for food, adding to Carthia’s coffers.


Carthia maintains a large standing army; 2 years of military service are required of every Carthian citizen, and the country is the most populous in the old empire. Carthia is also a wealthy nation, so the army is well-equipped and enjoys potent magical support from an unofficial partnership with the University’s Arcane College.


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