Arcane College

The only formalized training center for magic in Tolgalen, the Arcane College was founded in the year 16 CF, and is part of the larger Carthian University in the city of Mendoros. The College boasts a fairly notable faculty, mostly human mages that learned their trade in the Crownfall War. The College is divided into a few departments, which educate students and keep a number of faculty and staff on hand for research projects.

Spellcraft and Theory

This department instructs young mages in the rudiments of spell-casting, catering to both Wizardly and Sorcerous methods. In addition to the actual process of casting basic spells, the department also teaches principles of magical theory, history and cosmology.

Enchanting and Crafting

A growing department, as few mages have the power necessary to enchant items, this is the only real supplier of newly crafted magical equipment in the kingdoms. It is also the College’s most lucrative branch -the equiment crafted here is usually sold off in Mendoros or commissioned by the wealthy of all kingdoms. Most of the gear made here is of relatively minor power; often, the enchantment is cosmetic in nature, although some weapons are produced as well.

Battle Magic

The most controversial department of the College, Battle Magic specializes in the instruction of both offensive and defensive spells, for both individual and group combat application. The other nations are uncomfortable with the idea of Carthia training mages for military support, and the issue often comes up in the High Council. Carthia counters this by pointing out that the College is available to citizens of all nations, and the College is not, in any official capacity, linked to the Carthian military.


The only department open to University students who cannot cast spells, the Department of Alchemy has close ties to the College of Medicine in the University proper. The department teaches not only the production of magical potions (which does require spell casting ability), but also herbalism and the crafting of mundane alchemical items such as sunrods, tanglefoot bags, and alchemist’s fire. Most items are used internally by the University, but some are sold in Mendoros or traded with visiting halflings.

Arcane College

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