A Brief History of the Kingdoms

The History of Tolgalen
The Timeline

For over a millennia, the Great Wyrm Athrintalec ruled the land of Tolgalen with an iron talon. With untold legions of savage troops and unparalleled magical ability the Green Dragon oversaw her Empire from a mighty citadel known as Wyrmsreach. Unsurprisingly, the populace bristled under her tyrannical rule and an underground society of adventurers, known as the Red Blades, infiltrated the great fortress and slew the Empress and her top lieutenants. At the death of the dragon, catastrophe wracked the land. Earthquakes shook the mainland, and the island fortress exploded in a maelstrom of arcane power. The Red Blades, nearly two hundred powerful adventurers, perished to a man, but the armies of the dragon were scattered, and her empire overthrown.

For a time the lands were united in their freedom, but greed and envy were quick to take hold in the power vacuum, and a fierce civil war called the Crownfall War drove them apart. Three prominent human families (Carthulas, Tuomon, and Sathirin) began to accuse the others of willingly aiding their oppressors, and gathered lesser powers under their banners. The Dwarves retreated to their vaults in the Spinestone Mountains, and the Elves to the Wychpine forests. The Halflings lost their homeland when the Empress’s death-throes shattered the Southern Wards and created the Scalestruck Isles, and were unable to exert influence in the wars. It was the Gnomes, after forty-five years of open conflict, who organized the High Council and brokered lasting peace with the Red Blade Treaty. The High Council, made up of representatives of all the interested parties, set borders for what would become the four human kingdoms, Carthia, Howlett, Kaffrey, and Releria, as well as guaranteeing the sovereignty of the non-human nations.

Despite the occasional border dispute, the lands have settled into a relatively stable truce in the thirty years after the Red Blade Treaty. The remnants of Athrintalec’s army remain a persistent menace in the wilder places of the continent, and strange creatures formed by the backlash of magical energy have been seen throughout the kingdoms. The ruins of Wyrmsreach still contain the remains of the Empress’s vast wealth and power, and the High Council frequently organizes salvage missions to retrieve what they can, but the task is always dangerous -much of the massive structure is unstable and strange monsters roam the halls -and many of these expeditions never return at all.

A Brief History of the Kingdoms

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