Windstep Cloak

This deep blue cloak with silver trim constantly blows in a wind of its own.


This cloak allows the wearer to travel on the wind like a cloud.
The cloak allow the performers to activate the following abilities:

1 Charge: As a standard action, the wearer uses Wind Walk as a spell-like ability. Unlike the spell, this ability only targets the wearer.
3 Charges: As a standard action, the Wind Walk effect can also target up to 5 willing targets.
The effect has a Caster Level of 15

Alternatively, the cloak can grant swifter versions of those effects. For the same costs, the ability is a Swift action and only lasts for 1 round. In this version of the ability, the transformation to gaseous form is instant, instead of taking 30 seconds (5 rounds) as is usual for the spell.


The cloak was discovered in the possession of a Hobgoblin general of the Reborn Talon. Upon his death at the hands of Platinum Expeditions, it was claimed by Thomadril Merrilyn.

The cloaks origin before its use by the Reborn Talon is unknown.

Windstep Cloak

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