The Smokeblade

This blue-gray steel rapier seems almost translucent in bright light.

weapon (melee)

+1 Rapier

In addition it has 3 charges/day.
The sword has multiple special abilities, each of which costs 1 charge to use. Any effect which requires a save is DC 15.

*Veil of Smoke (Standard Action): With a slash of the blade you create a wall of black smoke up to 20’ long and 10’ tall that must originate at your location. The smoke blocks line of sight completely, although it does not block line of effect. Creatures can pass through the smoke, but must make a Fortitude save to avoid being nauseated for 1 round. The wall lasts for 1 minute, although a moderate wind (11+ mph), such as the gust of wind spell, destroys the wall in 1 round.

*Blinding Smoke (Swift Action): A you strike your foe, a cloud of smoke covers your enemy’s eyes. When activated during a successful melee attack, the target must make a Fort Save or be blinded for 1 round.

*Solid Smoke (Immediate Action): Circling the blade above your head, you wreathe yourself in magical smoke that can turn away your enemies’ attacks. You gain a +4 armor bonus to AC and +2 to saves for 3 rounds.


This blade was forged for a member of the Red Blades, an elven swashbuckler known as Wisp. Wisp was a talented spy and an illusive guerrilla fighter, but despite her skill she was eventually cornered by the Empress’s troops somewhere in the Spinestone Mountains. The blade was claimed by an orcish lieutenant who allegedly displeased his mistress and vanished into the night. The blade was lost to history until it showed up in a halfling caravan 30 years after Athrintalec’s death.

The Smokeblade

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