Ring of Divine Presence

The ring greatly improves the channeling ability of clerics


This golden ring, inscribed with draconic runes along the inside edge, is fitted with alabaster and obisidian, forming the holy sigil of an ancient god. As you use it to channel the power of your own diety, the design changes to match that god’s sigil.

This ring is useful to clerics of all alignments, but is perhaps most helpful those of neutral persuasion.
For all clerics, this ring provides the bearer with the use of the Selective Channeling feat, allowing them to exclude a number of targets in the area of their Divine Channel equal to their Charisma modifier. In addition, the ring allows them to add their charisma modifier to the damage or healing dealt by the ring.

Clerics of neutral alignment will find that the ring provides an additional effect: A number of times per day equal to her Charisma modifier, the cleric can choose whether her channel uses positive or negative energy (normally, the cleric can only use the type selected at first level).


Little is known of this old relic, discovered as it was in an ancient and forgotten treasure vault.
It is currently worn by Carol Smith

Ring of Divine Presence

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