Quiver of Balance

This quiver imbues arrows with positive or negative energy.


This quiver imbues any arrow drawn from it with magical properties. Firstly, any arrow drawn form the quiver is considered magical for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
Secondly, 3 times per day as a standard action the user can imbue and fire one arrow with a burst of positive or negative energy. When the imbued shot hits a solid object (including a creature) it releases the energy in a 10’ radius. Within that radius, creatures are either healed or damaged in the amount of 2d8+3 hit points. If the burst is positive energy, it heals living creatures and harms undead. If the burst is negative energy the reverse is true. The blast has no effect on constructs. Targets that take damage can attempt a Willpower save (DC: 16) to reduce the damage by half.


This quiver was first recorded in use by an elven lieutenant of Athrintalec named Damarial Tethyris. A master necromancer, Damarial earned his rank through sheer ruthlessness and a small army of undead, that made short work of his goblinoid rivals. Damarial would use this quiver to simultaneously attack his living enemies and heal his own troops.
The Damarial met his end at the hands of an elven assassin, who regarded him as a traitor to his people, and the Quiver of balance passed out of knowledge.
It was recently recovered from the hands of a human bandit and claimed by Vashara Le’Sheen, member of the adventuring group Platinum Expeditions.

Quiver of Balance

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