Jester's Coins

A Badge of Membership in the Jesting Shadows


These silver coins are at first very unassuming. Closer inspection reveals that one side of the coin is stamped with a grinning fool’s cap, while the obverse bears a humanoid silhouette. The edge often bears a brownish stain. Closer inspection still reveals that the coins are actually unique alloy of silver and cold iron.


The coins, issued by the Jesting Shadows, Kestral’s Thieves’s Guild are used as a sign of membership, as such a Guild member is expected to keep it on him at all times. In fact the Guild levys a heavy fee for replacing one of these coins: 25 gold coins.

Part of the reason for the high fee is that these coins have two additional uses:

Firstly, they can be used to deliver emergency messages when left behind on bare wood or stone.

  • With the Fool’s Cap facing up, the coin means that the Guild member is in some trouble, but not in immediate physical danger -this usually means an arrest or flight.
  • Shadow-side up, the coin means the Guild member is in mortal danger.
  • Left propped up on it’s edge, the coin means the entire Guild is threatened.

Secondly, the unique make-up of the coin makes them very convenient scrying beacons for someone who knows what they are looking for. The Guild uses this to check up on members if they suspect trouble. When they are issued to new guild members, the coins are daubed with the inductees blood. Not much, just enough to make it possible for a guild mage to know who the coin represents.

Jester's Coins

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