Gorget of Sacrifice

This armored plate holds the symbol of your deity, but the inside of the torc that holds it in place is lined with tiny barbs.


The Gorget of Sacrifice allows the bearer to use their own life-force to bolster their spells and abilities. As it is able to be used by any divine caster, the wearer can change the symbol to the deity of their choice as a standard action.
Because the Gorget holds a holy symbol firmly in place, it cannot be forcibly removed without first removing the Gorget of Sacrifice.

When worn, the barbs inside the Gorget deal 1 point of Constitution damage that cannot be healed as long as the Gorget remains in place. The constant pain allows the user to achieve incredible focus, granting a +2 bonus to all saving throws.

In addition, the wearer can use the Gorget to overchannel her spells and abilities.
When casting a cleric spell or using Channel Energy, the wearer can choose to increase her effective caster level by taking damage:
For 1d8, she can increase her effective caster level by 1
For 3d8, she can increase her effective level by 2, or
For 5d8, she can increase her effective level by 3

Finally, the wearer can burn away her own essence to recharge her channel abilities, taking 1 point of ability burn damage to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution in order to gain an extra use of her Channel Energy class feature. Ability burn damage cannot be recovered through magical healing, only through natural rest.


Gorget of Sacrifice

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