Earthbonded Amulet


A finely carved piece of Onyx set on a solid-looking golden chain, this item seems heavier than it looks. When you hold it, you feel connected to the ancient power of the earth beneath you.

This amulet, at first, grants a +1 Natural Armor bonus; however, once the wearer has worn it for 72 consecutive hours, she becomes aware of a greater power within this stone. After this period the amulet can be removed freely without losing the additional benefits, provided it does not become attuned to a new wearer.

Once attuned to the bearer, the Amulet gains a number of charges per day equal to one third her level (rounded down). These charges refresh every day at dawn, and can be used to grant a variety of effects:

1 Charge: (Standard Action) The bearer calls to the stone beneath her for aid and it responds. As long as she is standing on a stone surface, the bearer creates an area of jagged stone spikes in a 10’ radius around her. Any creatures in the area (excluding those that are not standing on the stone surface) immediately take 2d4 piercing damage (Reflex DC 16 for half). For 1 round per level, this area is difficult terrain, and any creature apart from the bearer who attempts to move though it takes 1d4 damage from the razor sharp edges.

1 Charge: (Move Action) The bearer’s skin becomes as hard as stone. The natural armor bonus from the amulet increases to +3 for 1 minute, and the bearer gains Damage reduction 5 against slashing weapons for the same time. This effect ends if she spends more than 1 round not touching the ground.

1 Charge: (Free Action) The eternal power of the earth sustains the character. If the character is touching the ground, she may immediately heal 2d10 hit points and end all damaging and debilitating conditions upon her (such as poison, wounding, stunning, or sickening effects). If the effect is the result of an ongoing spell, she must attempt to dispel the effect, with an effective caster level equal to her own level.

2 Charges: (Swift Action)The bearer becomes rooted in place, one with the stone beneath her. For up to one round/level, the bearer gains a +10 bonus on checks to resist bull rush, overrun, and trip attacks, as well as a +10 bonus to her passive grapple score. Any creature that attempts to move through her threatened area takes a -10 penalty to any tumble check it makes. In addition, the bearer gains Damage Reduction 2/ -. This effect ends immediately if the bearer moves more than 5 feet for any reason.

2 Charges: (Standard Action) The bearer may alter the shape of the stone around her. This effect works as the Stone Shape spell. The bearer’s effective caster level is half her actual level.

2 Charges: (Move Action) The bearer becomes a creature of the earth. For 1 round per level she gains the Earth Mastery trait, as an Earth Elemental: she gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage if both she and her target are touching the ground. If both she and her target are airborne or waterborne, she takes a -4 penatly. In addition, on rocky ground she may ignore difficult terrain and gains a +4 bonus to AC against opportunity attacks.

3 Charges: (Swift Action) The bearer truly becomes as immutable as stone. For 1 round per level, she gains +4 to Strength and Constitution and she becomes immune to critical hits, sneak attacks, and similar extra damage. This effect ends immediately if she moves more than 5 feet for any reason.


Discovered deep underground by a Dwarven member of the Red Blades named Hanna Stonehammer, the Earthbonded Amulet was, for a time, one of the greatest weapons in the Red Blades’ possession. In battle after battle Hanna stood fast against the Empress’s strongest champions, never yielding an inch to her enemies.
Unfortunately, she was betrayed by one of her Clansmen, who stole the amulet and gifted it to Gromgel, one of Athrintalec’s ogre generals. What the traitor hoped to gain from this is unknown as he was clapped in irons, tortured, and killed as a member of the Red Blades he had betrayed. His act of greed doomed many of the Red Blades and their allies, as Gromgel rampaged through their number, killing with terrible glee as their weapons glanced from his skin.
It was Hanna herself who eventually stopped him, trapping him with her in a rapidly flooding chamber deep beneath the Spinestone Mountains. How the amulet came to the hands of a goblin shaman in the sewers beneath Kestral is anyone’s guess.

Earthbonded Amulet

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