A drug to enhance your magical faculties.


Arcanite is burned and inhaled, giving the imbiber a few potent bonuses when casting arcane spells or using spell-like abilities. First, immediately after use, the receipient must pass a DC 17 Fortitude save or lose conciousness for 1d6 minutes and take 1 point of Constitution Damage. Regardless of that save, the user gains the following benefits for 1 hour:

  • All arcane spells or spell-like abilities are harder to resist. They gain a +2 Alchemical Bonus to their Save DC.
  • The caster is infused with new vigor after using arcane magic. After casting any arcane spell or spell-like ability, the caster gains temporary HP equal to the spell’s level. These temporary hit points last for 1 hour and do not stack with other temporary hit points.

Side Effects:
While under the effects of Arcanite, your eyes take on a distinctive purple glow and you gain the ability to sense magical currents -this usually appears as a strange glowing mist, flowing through the air and concentrated more brightly around living creatures and natural elements (stones, water, trees, etc.). Users without magical training (no class-granted spell slots) are distracted by this, and suffer a -2 to Perception Checks and Willpower Saves. Enchanted items are sealed off from this current, and so are not revealed by this effect.
There are no other mind affecting abilities, and higher brain functions are not impaired by the use of Arcanite, although addiction is another matter.

Prices vary for Arcanite, but tend to be high, as the crafting process is difficult and unafe. Crafting the drug requires materials costing 100gp per dose, an alchemist’s kit, a casting of detect magic, and a DC 25 Craft (Alchemy) check. The materials are very unstable, so a failed craft check ruins half of the materials; the check can be repeated, and the next attempt will only take 50gp worth of materials. Failing the check by 5 or more, however, ruins the entire batch, and failing by 10 or more has a 50% chance of causing a small explosion -all within 10’ of the crafting apparatus take 2d6 fire damage. Damage can be reduced to half with a successful Reflex save equal to the amount by which the check was failed, +5. For example, when Jim fails the check with a craft check of 12 he must make a DC 18 save. The alchemist’s kit is always destroyed in such an explosion.


Discovered by Carthian alchemists during the last years of the CrownFall War, Arcanite is crafted using rare minerals from the Spinestone Mountains and herbs from Kaffrey. During the war, it was freely distributed to mages in the Carthian army, but since the Red Blade Treaty it has been tightly controlled.
Unsurprisingly, the secret of its creation was leaked, and it is now readily (though illegally) available in Carthia and Releria. Arcanite has yet to cross over the Howlett or Releria in any great quantity, due to the limited local availability of the components.

Carthia has very strict punishments for the sale and use of Arcanite, though it continues to enjoy widespread use, particularly against the students at the Arcane College in Mendoros.
Kaffrey’s stance is less severe, but sale of the drug often leads to time in prison, and commiting violent crimes while under its effects results in a sharp increase in punishment.


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