The Laughing Man

A mysterious figure within Kestral


The elusive and enigmatic figure known as the Laughing Man is believed to be the head of Kestral’s Thieves’ Guild, The Jesting Shadows, although no one outside of the Guild’s inner circle has ever met him in person. He is known to have a flair for the dramatic, and will frequently arrange elaborate methods of communication, including on one occaision delivering a “Thank You” note one letter at a time of the course of three weeks. The letters were written in red paint 20 feet high at seemingly random locations throughout the city; no witnesses ever saw anyone painting the letters, which when completed and charted on a map of the city formed the image of a winking, smirking mask.

The Laughing Man keeps the guild running smoothly, and under his leadership the guild has developed a strong reputation for avoiding violent crime whenever possible. Guild members are expected to “keep things fair” in a way, by avoiding targets that have recently been hit, and to make up for their criminal activities by policing some of the more unpalatable crimes on the streets. Many murderers and rapists have been discovered on the watch’s doorstep with a cordial note from the Laughing Man pinned to them.

The Laughing Man

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