Peony Goodspeed

A Young Halfling, and a Fledgling Wizard.


Ridiculously intelligent and very charming, Peony is the ideal student of magic whose talent is only eclipsed by her really blue hair.


Peony is an aspiring wizard attending the Arcane College in Mendoros. She was entered into the program a short time after her father, Otho, was murdered by goblins. It had always been his greatest wish to send her there one day, and after his death her mother, Lidda, and a gnome who had really been adopted as a member of the family named Brundle, did everything in their power to make that happen. Lidda, sold the tobacco farm they had been harvesting and moved back with her family’s halfling caravan but this was no where near the amount of money needed to get Peony into such an expensive school. Brundle would obtain the remainder by hiring himself out as a strong arm and by burgaling when necessary. He is the primary financial support for her schooling and Peony is very appreciative of that fact. After the death of his friend, Brundle decided it was his responsibility to step in and play a sort of surrogate father to Peony, but she really veiws him as more of a hero. Not only is he putting her through school and putting himself at high risk to do so, but he also saught out the fiends responsible for her father’s death and made sure they met a suitable end. For this she is eternally greatful.

Peony showed a high aptitude for magic at a very early age, she was fascinated by her Uncle Brundle’s simple incantations and quickly became able to replicate most of them without any formal schooling. She spent hours trying to create her own spells too and seemed to have an intuitive understanding of how magic worked. She discovered some simple but quite original incantations. The first spell she discovered when expirimenting with a family Brixashulty and turned it’s wooly outer layer from dirty white into a radiant blue. It took multiple castings to change the whole animal but she did get it done and the effects were permanent. In fact it seems to work with several different organic fibers and materials. Peony has even changed her own hair color to blue. The acacadmy was very excited to learn this in her application as so few wizards, studied or unstudied, ever manage to invent new magics but typically just recreate those spells that have already been written.

Peony, understanding the sacrifices made to get her into school, works really hard at her studies. She gets along with almost everyone but can’t help but notice the racial and class differences between herself and most of the other students, her closest friends also stand out as being a little unusual. Her familiar, a raven named Evenrood, is her closest friend. (His feathers are blue) There are a few students that are jealous of how well Peony excells at her studies and how much better she seems to be then most of her class. The school has her focused on spellcraft and theory which she enjoys, but she holds a strong curiosity for battle magics as well. She imagines herself one day adventuring at the side of her gnomish uncle as they fell goblins and other horrible and evil creatures like the ones who killed her father.

Some of the faculty of the college are curious about Peony’s high aptitude for magic and wonder if there isn’t something in her history or genetic line that improves her connection to the arcane arts.

Peony Goodspeed

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