Meron Conrell

A Wealthy Dwarf


This dwarf sports an intricately braided beard in sharp contrast to his smooth bald head, and is dressed in very fine silks and leathers. His face is inscrutable, giving away nothing, but he fidgets with his ring every now and then, while he observes his surroundings.


A wealthy member of the Entric Trade Cartel, Meron worked for a time as a trade representative to Howlett, before he decided that he had enough wealth to retire. Now he is mainly an investor, lending money and contacts to business and enterprises he thinks will turn a profit -and the support of a Trade Cartel is no small thing.

Meron keeps a house in Kestral’s Outwall district, and recently aquired a country manor called Shale Creek, in the southern hills of Howlett. He has a family back in the Spinestone Mountains, but he has little contact with them, save for some financial support.

Meron Conrell

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