Jeranil Talinos

The Leader of the Red Masks


This tall, wiry elf has waist length sable hair worked into intricate blades. He wears ornately decorated black leather armor and carries a pair of wickedly barbed kukris as well as a multitude of throwing knives.
He views those around him with a disdainful smirk, exuding a palpable air of arrogance and entitlement.


Jeranil Talinos built the organization now known as the Red Masks to be a mercenary band in the year 8CF, during the Crownfall Wars, rallying men to his banner while claiming to be a survivor of the Red Blades. At the time he wore a Crimson mask over the left side of his terribly scarred face -he has since been able to erase the scarring with magical aid, but the mask quickly became a trademark of his men.

Jeranil Talinos

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