Brundle "Harnessfire" Vin

A whisper gnome with talents for larceny and violence


Race- Whisper Gnome
Sex- Male
Height- 3’10’
Weight- 37lbs

Brundle’s story begins when he was just a small boy living in a little halfling caravan, travelling from stop to stop pedalling wares. His parents, misfits in their own right, found sanctuary and tollerance among the traveling band of merry half pints, using it as cover for many escapades of roguish behavior. Being considered suspicious on the sole basis of his ethnic orgins, Brundle spent his first days in the caravan alone. That is of course until a young halfling named Otho Goodspeed.

Otho was kind of an outcast. His unparalleled curiosity seemed to regularly land him in trouble and parents warned their children to keep to a distance. Otho couldn’t resist however,after hearing about the strange family of skinny gnomes that had moved into the caravan.People seemed to whisper about the gnomesbehind closed doors and that fascinated Otho who set off to learn more about Brundle and his brood. The two became fast friends and Brundle spent the majority of his time with the Goodspeed’s while his parents were out “adventuring”. Here he learned many aspects and philosphies of halfling life.

The victim of much ridicule and intolerance as a child Brundle excelled at patience and turning the other cheak. However, when Otho began being bullied over their friendship, something snapped in him. Brundle proceeded to beat those acosting Otho without mercy. Rumors soon made way across the play field and in the amount of time it would take one to blink the quiet gnome, who apparently had been filling up rage, was quickly christened “Harnessfire”.

In the time before his family resided in the caravan Brundle’s father, Haspin, happened to catch a strange traveler from the north in the better end of a con. The stranger, a heavily cloaked elf, was travelling southward toward the the Bay of Blades and was looking for a guide and a traveling companion. Haspin normally would have ignored such a quest but could not resist the allure of the elf’s finally crafted antiquities and apparent overabundance of wealth. Many of the stranger’s belongings caught Haspin’s eye but none moreso than a book. It wasn’t that it itself looked valuable, it wasn’t reagal or note worthy in its appearance. It in fact seemed both ancient and haphazard, having been bound and rebound with loose pages, additions, and a littany of different authors and handwriting. This is what intrigued Haspin, if everything else the stranger possessed held an apparent and obvious value, why was he toting around this worn down edition? When an opportunity came and the stranger was elsewise distracted Haspin quietly parted the stranger’s company taking the volume and a few other trinkets of value with him. Upon inspection it became apparent to Haspin that the elven strangers objective was to reclaim items of wealth and or power from within Wyrmsreach as the tome was filled with various maps, riddles, warnings, and etchings about the Athrintalec’s lair. It was however completely archaic, having been written in at least 14 diffetent languages some of which had been completely forgotten to man. and being organized in no recognizable fashion.

Being of no use to him, Haspin began trying to peddle the book through one of his regular fences. As he approached the door he could hear the stranger already inside, screaming and threating, and demanding the fence devulge the gnome’s location giving him ample coin to pay for the betrayal. Haspin hurried home packed up his family and off they went to join the passing halfling caravan.

It would be years before Haspin would cross paths with the elven stranger again and when he did, the gnome and his wife disappeared entirely. The book remained behind however in a hidden safe, and Brundle would become committed to deciphering it to find out what treasures it hid and whether or not it could yeild forth any answers about his parents dissapperance.

As the years passed Brundle took up residence with the Goodspeeds, and Otho and Brundle remained the closest of friends. As they approached adulthood the two decided to open a merchant store together. They had both been learning a craft, Otho was learning to harvest and cultivate tabacco and Brundle began to craft fancy pipes for the smoking of it. Eventually Otho settled down with a wife, Lidda, and a daughter, Peony. Brundle was close and felt love for them all.

In a confrontation with goblins while transporting some tabacco, Otho was overtaken and would never journey home again. This once again filled Harnessfire’s lungs with flame and he hunted down and slaughtered the goblins to the last drooly fiend.

Feeling obligated to help support Otho’s widow and daughter, Brundle knew his pipe carvings were not going to be substantial enough to make ends meet. He had no skill or passion for farming tabacco, and wanted to get Peony, who he really thinks of more as a daughter, into a good wizardry school as she had shown a very strong aptitude for magic. It was time for a change of vocation, and Brundle decided to he would do whatever he needed to to meet the need. He then became a mercenary for hire, and hasn’t shown much resistance into falling into his own parents line of work. Today Peony is registered and attends one of the best (and most expensive) wizarding schools in the land. Who knows, maybe Brundle’s present journey can shed some light on the mysterious volume.

Brundle "Harnessfire" Vin

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