The Dragon, The Emerald Queen, The Great Enemy


A green dragon of incredible age and power, Athrintalec towered over even her giants. Her scales carved with arcane runes of warding and set with protective artifacts the mere sight of her could terrify even the most stalwart of her enemies and underlings.


Athrintalec began by raising an army of orcs, conquering the south of the continent, in what is now the Scalestruck Isles. Using that area’s abundant steel to reinforce her army with armor, weapons andconstructs she conquered the Spinestone Mountains. Sensing her power the goblins and giants of the mountians allied with her and her power grew. Eventually she controlled all the lands of the continent and forged a terrible empire, naming it after herself – The Athrinaich Empire.

She claimed an island in the Bay of Blades and erected her citadel there, and then using untold magical power created other fortresses, spreading terror and oppression across the land. As her armies grew and maintained a terrible stranglehold on the populace, she reached power of god-like proportions, feeding off of their pain and fear, prolonging her already vast lifespan and deepening the dread of the land.

Her Empire reigned for nearly a millenia, isolated from the world by her tremendous power; eventually the people forgot what the world was like before her, and some began to venerate her as a goddess. Each new travesty and brutality she visited upon her people (particularly the elves) weakened the resolve of those who would resist, and fed her magical power to bolster her armies.

She was eventually destroyed by a group of of rebels called the Red Blades and her Empire toppled. Today she lives on as a fearful memory, a phantom to invoke fear, and a symbol of oppression.


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