Tamadril Merrilyn

A strong voice for Elven Isolation


Having just entered adulthood during the fall of Arithtalec, Tamadril knew the horrors of her reign, and saw firsthand his people slaughtered. When the elves were freed, Tamadril was one of many that assumed leadership roles lest his people become fractured and splintered. This has resulted in a certain groups of elders within the Wychpine having long records of service—Tamadril one of them.

Tamadril was well into his middle years before he met Bonwhin, who would become his wife and mother of Thomadril. Bonwhin was a fair, care-free women, who’s casual ease was in stark contrast to Tamadril’s distance and gruff, particularly when dealing with outsiders.

Tamadril and Bonwhin were bonded on their marriage day with ancient magics, connecting them spiritually and irrevocably. In Thomadril’s 20th year, she went for a walk and did not return. Before the community even knew she was missing, Tamadril felt the sudden shock of her life snuffed out. Despite rallying the community to search for her, her body was never found. Perhaps most unnerving is her death happened within a few hours distance from the village, and no evidence was found of who—or what—was stalking the woods that day.

Her mysterious death continues to weigh on his mind. Though a powerful wizard, his magic has failed to unearth any clues to her disappearance.

Tamadril Merrilyn

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