Dragonbone Kingdoms

Whereat Carol Reports to Her Temple

The morning was laughing praises to Olidammara and I selected my spells with utmost care. My undead tool led the way into the deep dungeon entrance and selflessly sacrificed its unlife in order to protect the rest of the ungrateful party. No one lamented the loss of this soul which was a brave fighter in life and a valuable safeguard to them in his death. I’m beginning to question whether this group has the proper compassion and gratitude for their protectors.

The human zombie was destroyed by one of two earth elementals standing guard for lost centuries in what I presume is a tomb. Channeling the energy given to me by our ancient deity, I easily dispatched the first elemental single-handed. The second I allowed the others the opportunity to destroy, however my gnome insisted on dropping everything he owned instead and got caught up in his gear. The others were locked in fear and stood unmoving. I had to defeat the second one myself in the end. It was simple.

Next we encountered a room of two stone bookshelves which clearly had an alteration magic tied into the gold coins/discs set within them. My archer, although carrying a powerful magical item which allows her to read languages, is evidently using it incorrectly. She could not understand what the symbols meant. Clearly I need to assign this important piece of equipment to another, more worthy servant of the cause.

The others struggled pitifully to untangle the meaning of this room so I chose not to explain it to them. I understand that being a good leader is to encourage your subjects to feel confident and did not wish to crush their self-worth by revealing the utter simplicity of these stone bookshelves.

On the way to a room containing a stunning crystal garden, not as lovely as the one I grew up with, of course, my clumsy gnome then trapped himself between two portcullises. Perhaps his height restricted him from seeing the obvious sections in the ceiling? I fear he is too daft to realize that traps can descend from above as well as at gnome height. I intend to lecture him on his short-sightedness.

After casting a remedial True Strike, I used rope to secure the gates open and my party continued on our way into the crystal garden.

Inside we encountered a crystal undead which was a fascinating example of its kind. I found it so interesting, I chose not to Turn it and watched its natural behaviors in combat. It had fascinating capabilities! First off, it would absorb the blood of victims and heal itself with their pain. Secondly it could shatter its body without harming itself which it did twice during combat. The shards would reform some distance away back into its original shape! In addition, it could reform over an enemy! My bard was simply not prepared for this kind of advanced battle strategy and was hurt by this latter attack.

Do you know of a way to create such a powerful ally? I would hope we can use these to further Olidammara’s goals!

Not surprisingly, my meager party was no match for its power and I was required to intervene on their behalf. I sacrificed my only Tanglefoot Bag to immobilize the creature, cast True Strike again and then returned it to rest with my Sling of Undead Destruction. Again, simple.

Afterwards I educated my adventurers on the finer points of crystal flowers and harvested two which would get a good price back in a larger city. Or perhaps I’ll donate them to our temple? They would look lovely by the wet bar.

The crystal garden held another odd treasure. Near the far wall was a long dead bugbear with simple loot which made my party gleeful. Oh, remedial adventurers! They are so sweet!

I, on the other hand, was particularly stuck by the unique staff the creature was carrying. It has many odd, geometric shapes placed along the shaft. Yes, I said shaft. I find even I, with my incredible wisdom provided by our god, cannot discern what the use is for this staff. I am confident I will unravel its mysteries shortly and will report my findings then.

On our way to the next room, the manacle room, I’ve chosen to call it, my gnome was struck by yet another trap. I would imagine his short stature would have made finding a low-lying trap obvious. Isn’t he aware that traps are not always above, but can be at a gnome’s eye level? What am I to do with him?

In the manacle room, my bard drew fire from two drakes and an ambush drake. I selflessly rushed in to save him from certain death and struck the ambush drake (the largest of the three) so hard, I broke my rapier. Even weaponless, I saved my charges from these vicious enemies and created a new skeleton from the remains. My army expanded tenfold with this powerful new addition. I am proud that our god allows me to protect my charges even better than before.

A round room presented itself afterwards where vicious scourges nested. I advised my group to flee and save themselves from peril but, nooooooooooooooo. Did they listen? Of course not. Instead they forced me to kill the enemies the slow way rather than in one simple channel.

On the other hand, this was a pleasant condition in which to test my new skeleton companion. It performed exceedingly well rescuing my archer. Even my own creations surprise me with their capabilities.

At the bottom of the round room, about 60 feet down, was a large pool of water. I commanded my gnome to take a closer look whereat he found a backpack, but more importantly another door leading into a deeper level of the tomb. My poor, sweet gnome was so afraid so I sent the annoying one down to guide him. I think there was a human fighter somewhere, too?

Meanwhile I and my children were guarding the upper floors and thankfully so! I was ambushed by an army of ettins! After quickly dispatching them with the aid of Olidammara’s gifts, I and my army leapt the 60 foot drop at great damage and peril to our persons, beasts, lizards and rescued the party in the following room. Again, did anyone express concern for our undead tools and the damage they took from falling to the aid of others? No, no. Just complaints for their smell.

The square room gained by the door in the round room was inhabited by misunderstood undead. I am sure that had I entered the room first, rather than little miss poopy feathers, I would have been able to communicate with the most intriguing spell stitched therein. His army of undead, though meager in comparison to mine, would have been interesting to study to say the least. Nevertheless I was forced to destroy them all by myself. Again. As usual.

In a nearby room, which I will title the Ghoul House, was some crap the others were excited about. I wanted to rest here believing that it was safe and dry, however my party craved sunlight and we were forced to trek all the way back to the outdoors. We spent time here rejuvenating their injuries. My excellent prowess at battle and our divine shielding left me unscathed from the entire journey that day.

When they are strong, we will reenter the tomb and I will update you on our successes.

…I really should head back to the tavern and replenish my supply of whiskey…



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