Dragonbone Kingdoms

What Brundle does in his free time

relationship building interactions

After what I felt was an awesome interaction with Lilliana I feel like I should take some time on the boat for some other team interactions. If people are cool Brundle will have approached you about the following things.

Gedda- After a session of not successful combat. Brundle reassures her that she is an important part of the team and that we all have days where we fall short. The goal is to do it in a way where we can still beat ourselves up about it the next day. And in that we succeeded. As baddies keep getting baddier and she is weaker in skill and experience than the rest of us I encourage her to in her training to find more and more ways to aid the party that don’t put herself at as much personal risk.

Thistle- I tell Thistle that as he left the plane the demon vowed to harm everyone I ever cared about. I tell her to be ready as she would be very high on this list. Learning about and defeating this demon is now high on my priorities list.

Merrilyn- I bring up the tapestry you chose as a treasure item. It reminds me of my longing to have a place to call a home. Almost my whole life I have been moving about whether in Halfling caravans or as an adventurer. There was one brief period of time where my brother, his wife and I had a tobacco farm. It was possibly the most at peace I had ever been. I bring up the idea that we should maybe consider establishing a home. Maybe a keep or a country farmhouse we could always return to between journeys. A place where that tapestry could hang.

Carol- I sometimes find myself forgetting how young she really is. This is because she handles herself with such expertise in the field. I make sure that she knows this and I thank both her and Olidammara for their contributions. I also talk about my concerns about the demon returning. If there is anything she can do to help me prepare for this inevitability I would be in her debt.

Cyrus- Brundle tells Cyrus how much he knows the Red Masks must anger him to the core. I make sure he knows he has an ally in this anger. Because of them I now feel like all I love are in danger. I give my regrets for his fallen friends and try to make sure he knows he still has a family within our number.

Lilliana- After our conversation Brundle makes a point to check in with you regularly and tends to pay a lot more attention to your feline “friend” than he ever did before.



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