Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 10: Spy vs. spy

Letter to Peony

Sweetest Peony,
How is my little Halfling princess? My apologies for not finding the time to write before now but I have been tangled in a series of misadventures. I hope your schooling is doing well and that you are getting along alright. I have fallen in with a fun and interesting band of adventurers, one of which has magics of about your talents. I’ll see if I can acquire some of his spells and send them your way in the near future. As you insist I will inform you of what life is like beyond the walls of your school and tell you about one of our latest escapades, as demanded I’ll do my best not to sensor any of the good stuff:
After a successful day of adventuring my band celebrated our success into the wee hours of the morning. Some drank, some retired to study, I had a pleasant business interaction with the local thieves guild and continued to drink with a Halfling friend named Thistle until I eventually took to slumber. I awoke, pipe still clenched in my teeth, to find my companion Vash, a weird bird thing, eating breakfast aside another compatriot of mine lying on the table. ( I don’t think I have seen her stand upright yet for any period longer than half an hour.) Vash found a mysterious key and Carol, the boozer, appeared to have some sort of letter tucked behind her ear. The letter revealed the location of a store room that we figured likely the destination for the key’s insertion, so I gathered up Merrilyn, another comrade of mine, from the lap of a half elven female and the group of us went off to investigate.
In the locker we found yet another note, this one had a simple illusion I bet you would have found clever on it. It told us about some shenanigans in the back room of a pub called the Dented Tankard. It had the seal of a thieves guild and was signed “Laughing Man”. On our exit the clerk said a man with a blonde wig delivered us another note which warned an incident had taken place earlier involving the local guard.
Out of sheer curiosity we decided to take a look for ourselves and parleyed with a man whose fishing business was right across the bar. He was very prudish and a lot of fun to make fun of.
The Drunken Tankard was a run down, dilapidated and appeared to be failing miserably, but after only a few inquiries however it was proven to hold a whole litany of undesirables that were more than happy to die on the end of my blade. An old pig farmer inspired by our musical bard sprung to his feet and relived the memories of his former glory by helping us in combat. I wish I could have watched it more closely, he was awesome, and Merilyn hasn’t stopped singing about him yet. There was one however that didn’t want to meet his just desserts and made me chase him all around town, the wuss. After several altercations and one hell of a horse chase I destroyed his cart in epic fashion and the two of us clashed steal. My compatriots made short work of the rest of his band with well laid arrows, some dog biting, and even a spell or two while I kept the roguish spy at bay. The spy had at this point also taken captive a captain of the guard and our other deft handed fellow Keneda managed to free him. In the end it was our handsome bard that managed to land the last blow on the cowardly yet talented spy. I like that; most bards are lookers on, but Merrilyn dove into the nitty gritty and definitely wins my respect.
Anyhow, that was my day yesterday. I have included 30 gold with this letter to help with school or books or whatever you may need. When you hear from your mother send her my best, and study hard. I’ll try not to be so long between correspondences in the future.

Uncle Brundle



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