Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 5: Something in the Pipes

Enjoying their new rooms (and the edible breakfast) at the Lonesome Jug, the party sets out for another day. They check in with Captain Maler of the City Guard, hoping for more information about Conor Damilus, whe they learn has been placed under house arrest at his family’s country estate, pending an investigation. His old bodyguard, Belenna has resigned from her position and is looking for a new bodyguard assignment. Maler also gives the party a new mission: another section of the sewers appears to be occupied by goblinoids.
The party prepares for another excursion into the sewers by stocking up on healing potions and sets out, only to find their path blocked by an overturned cart. While they wait out the confusion a man bumps into Carol, covertly slipping a letter from the local Thieves’ Guild into her pocket. The letter informs her that the guild has “an asset” in the targeted section of the sewers that needs recovery.
The party gets some tactical information from the wounded guards that discovered the problem, acquires a tower shield, and sets off.
The party fights their way through a hobgoblin guard post, where they suffer minor injury, but the guards are subdued without major difficulty. Encountering a group of goblins further in, the party is again able to take them down without great cost, although Carol and Kaneda are injured by the goblins and Vashara strains a muscle drawing her bow, slightly crippling her attacks.
The party ventures through a door, where they can see a dead body on the floor, and a few piles of trash in a room. Investigating the body, Kaneda and Carol are suddenly surrounded by a chitinous rustling when four enormous centipedes emerge from their nests in the refuse. They are both poisoned in the initial attack, but when the rest of the party rushes to their aid, the vermin are quickly dispatched. The party recovers some items of value from the long-dead body, a fallen adventurer, and ready themselves to press further into the dark.



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