Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 2: Sewer Maintenance

Thistle made her way into the sewers, only to be attacked by stirges -bloodsucking flying beasts. Drawn by the sound of the struggle, the rest of the group hustled over help with the fight, and before long all four of the creatures lay dead. After some short introductions, she joined up with the rest of the group, and they continued their quest to find the innkeeper’s son (and now two sewer workers as well).
The group found a storage room that had been converted into a home, now long unoccupied. When Vashara found the symbol of Odilammara (Patron God of Thieves), and Kaneda found a climber’s kit and thief’s tools, they were able to determine that a burglar used to live here, but was long absent. After disarming the trap on the burglar’s footlocker, the party claimed the wealth within.
They continued on into the sewers, and encountered a group of goblins and their pet krenshar. After the cat-like beast sent Vashara and Carol running away with its supernatural visage, the rest of the group found themselves overpowered. The fight was finally won when the two returned, but Thistle and Merrilyn were both badly wounded; Thistle healed herself, but Merrilyn had to be revived with the party’s last healing potion.
The party pushed on and found themselves face to face with more goblins and their orc leader, a powerful cleric of Gruumsh One-Eye, the fell god of the orcs! Battle was joined, and the cleric set his eyes on Thistle, and surprisingly became quite smitten with her tiny halfling loveliness. Much to the shock of the rest of the party, the small druid persuaded the enraptured orc to free the boy, and the party left to return him to his father and prepare for a confrontation.
The party negotiated a reward from the innkeeper and the guards for the death of the orc, and then returned to the sewer to finish the job. Realizing he had been played for a fool, the orc did not hesitate to attack the party this time. As Kaneda, Marilyn, and Vashara battled his goblin minions, Carol and Thistle attacked the cleric. Protected by divine magic, he turned aside several attacks, before Buttercup fell on him with unexpected ferocity and tore his throat out -killing him instantly and shocking the rest of the party. With their leader dead, the goblins were easy prey.
The party looted the monsters of their ill-gotten gains, and located a tunnel into the ancient sewers of Kestral, which was likely the orc’s point of entry. They did their best to block the tunnel and returned to the inn to collect their reward and recuperate.



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