Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 20: No More Games

The party has earned the trust of the man pretending to be Conor Damilus and have been given a job opportunity in northern Carthia; “Conor” has offered to work as a fence and support for any raiding and banditry the party gets up to in the northern farmland. The group is unwilling to engage in that kind of activity though, and decides they’ve spent enough time on this particular mission. They arrange a meeting with the man as a complete group, speak with him long enough to determine a definite connection with the Red Masks, and then attack him.

“Conor” proves a skilled mage, and with his bodyguards and a formidable dwarven construct providing back-up, he gives the party a fair amount of trouble before he is eventually overcome. The party managed to seal the building and prevent the mage’s reinforcements, and once dealing with him, the party escaped across the rooftops of the tenement block the gang was using as a headquarters. Planning to use magic to interrogate the man later, Brundle and Carol take his body with them, preserving it in the extra-dimensional vacuum of Brundle’s haversack.

Riding the momentum of their victory, the party moves on to Laila‘s townhouse, only to find that it has been attacked. The front door is ajar, and it appears that many of the broker’s defensive traps have been triggered. Brundle and Cyrus find a couple of dead bodies in red masks, identifying them as one of the criminal organization’s hit squads. They locate one of Laila’s boltholes, and follow a relatively clear trail into the sewers, where they find a gang of Masks searching for someone, presumably Laila.

The battle is short and devestating. The leader of the hit squad, a particularly ruthless dwarf proves incredibly dangerous, but like most enemies of Platinum Expeditions, he and his subordinates are left dead on the floor. One of his goons, though, is taken alive for interrogation.



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