Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 18 notes, part 1

Sessions Notes 8/25 Part 1

To The Council-

It seems my journey has changed. I have seen my error now in abandoning the fight in Howlett, and that Loreguard Kelnyeldau was clearly correct to leave Platinum Expeditions. I should have gone with him if i had only realized how little this group cared for me- humans are confusing. I am returning to Howlett and intend to find Kelnyeldau – hopefully alive, I have abandoned yet another friend to possible death.
I see now how dark the outside world is and so long to return home, but I have made so many mistakes out here I now wonder if I will ever earn that right. I shall try to mend my grave mistakes by returning to help the fight, if I die I shall no that I have failed in my pilgrimage. I am sorry for my failure.

This is the accounting of my last journey with Platinum Expeditions, I hope you will understand why I had to go, and why I did not go earlier.

We were at The Fool and Candle- a coaching inn on the road to Kelstral. Bandit attacks had been greatly increasing in the last few months, rumors circling that Howlett is to blame. The Re-Born talon leader we had captured suggested that “That fool elf at the university thinks we will stop here” I am not sure what that means but I fear nothing good can come of it. Dayne- the thief we captured said that he was working for Conor Damilus- last we had seen of Conor was when we left him tied up in Kestral with the crazed poisoner. We are now making for Menderos.
First and foremost we acquired a cart, as our “undead” party members tend to attract attention- People have been screaming and running from us due to our “party members”. The guards confronted us with questions, telling us necromancy is not permitted. Brundle along with our travel papers managed to get us out of that tough spot but we were sternly warned to keep them out city’s and towns. A warning I can understand, I do not like Carols “babies”.
It was two days travel to Menderos by horse. We had odd stories on the road- Carol told us of her raising her Dead mother, and Thisle told us of her birthday in which many of the puppies in her village froze to death and they feed the dead puppy’s to the other dogs. There was also a discussion of zombie interspecies erotica- Cyrus revealed he was run out of his home at 12 years of age when he began to produce electricity. Brundle shared that he often deprives Thistle of oxygen, which may explain her lack of common sense. I think these people quite mad! That was our first day of travel. We stopped for the night near an often used rest stop with a shrine to Fharlanghn(the god of roads).
Cyrus and I took the first watch of the night, after a short time I began to hear voices and quickly discovered two travelers who were also resting here for the night. I attempted to quietly move near to them but was quickly heard and so introduced myself to them as a fellow traveler and asked if I could share there fire. One was a Dwarf named Drayt, a member of the Stonehammers cartel near the spinestones the other a half-Orc named Thag. They were delivering a shipment of Iron to Kestrel in Howlett and had been accosted multiple times on the road by bandits.

A strange light from Howlett- awful storm
In Menderos after burying the “babies”
At the Inn Boar and Cat, Bills Character(name????) writes a letter to find out what happened i Howlett. I got drunk about Kanadas possible death.
The next morning Meralin recived a note via Raven- his organization is beginning to become unhappy with Farian and that is fearful that something may happen- this would have been sent off just before the storm. Meralin feared it may have something to do with the book.

A foggy morning in Menderos, we headed off to the university. This proved to be the last day for me and Platinum Expedition’s.

We meet Brundles niece at the University library. As Brundle was catching up with his niece Meralin decided it would be “funny’ to have the girl DYE MY FEATHERS BLUE! I was understandably very upset at this, and said please do not dye me blue. I assumed they understood that to do this would be extremely disrespectful. I was apparently wrong, because it was then that Carol attacked me. Carol had been saying for days that she wanted me to leave, and then this! I left, for good.

I left them a note at the inn and have headed back to Howlett. I do not know when I will be able to write again, it seems my path is very uncertain.

Vashara Le’Sheen



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