Dragonbone Kingdoms

Progress Report: Relerian Interests

Carol Rescues an Old Friend, and Discovers Important Information

Good News; the team you sent to disrupt the Red Masks in Caron were successful in their mission. Smart to include C, as her personal interest in matter and divine abilities made her integral part of group (although I am a bit concerned about her use of undead; morally questionable and hardly low-profile).
As I hear it, they started by abducting a member of the gang and getting from him, through interrogation by G and Sf, the location of the Masks’ secret prison south of the port (see the enclosed area map and plan of the prison level itself, as reported by P). The captive did warn, prior to his death, that the beach entrance was guarded by local wildlife -and indeed the group were attacked by Dire Lions and a Manticore on the beach. They dispatched the group, although with substantial injury, and entered the cave leading into the prison.
Sm mentioned that the corridor inside was rigged with a troublesome trap -a mixture of magical and mechanical components made for a potentially lethal trial, although with focused teamwork the group was able to breach the defense safely. Notes on the trap’s configuration from L and Sm are enclosed -the complexity of it suggests far older construction than the Masks’ occupancy, possibly even predating the Empire; still, we could adapt elements of it to our own use.
The Red Masks were alerted to the infiltration when the team attacked the guardroom inside. G managed to barricade the door before any Mask agents of particular skill were able to join the counter-attack -fortunate, as it appears that Talinos himself was in the fort.
The team knew that they needed to hurry, as fortress above was on high alert, so they pressed into the next room, a large holding area that showed signs of considerable seismic damage (possibly due to the Crownfall earthquake, possibly older) Several Mask soldiers held the line there, aided by a sorcerer of notable power (recruited from Mendoros?), but the team overpowered them as well. G decided to explore the flooded caverns revealed by the cracked floor, but did not return before the team was forced to move on -I fear he may have met with disaster.
In the final room of the dungeon the party found a senior Mask operative with a captive dragon! Not the winged beasts of legend, but a strong, four-legged creature with a great horn on its head and the ability to project blasts of lightning. Troubling to see that some of the Great Enemy’s creations remain, more so to discover that the Masks have had some luck taming them.
When the operative and his pet were slain, the party was able to rescue the girl; much as you thought, she held vital information (although not as much as the enemy feared). As I already reported with my sending, she overheard talk of an assassination attempt at the High Council; she did not know the target, but with mounting tension between Carthia and Howlett, it seems logical to suspect that one of those ambassadors is at risk.


I must remind you again to avoid scholarly conjecture in your missives -supposition too often leads to misconception. Sorry to hear about G, I know he was an old friend.

-Laughing Man



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