Dragonbone Kingdoms

Quiet Days

In which the party "rests"

This was a time where we knew the battle ahead would be fierce and dangerous, and perhaps more than we bargained for. The Reborn Talon is looming large in our minds, a great shadow on our party, and it is clear that there are those who would wish us ill and would sow dissent in our ranks.

Several of us received missives from those that would want us apprehended—the Carthians clearly view us as a threat and have pushed for our apprehension and death both through official channels and through their underground networks. What they hope to ultimately gain from us besides our deaths I am unsure—their connection to the Reborn Talon has not fully snapped together in my mind—I feel I am missing something—a final brushstroke that would make the painting make sense. Perhaps we will find that in the Spinestones.

Two of these missives were meant to bribe Lilliana and Carol and force the apprehension of the rest of the party. They both decided to contact the persons mentioned in the messages which resulted in more complications than I care for—Lilliana and Carol are straightforward, and not used to subterfuge. Lilliana was threatened and gave more information than she should have, forcing us to move from our lodgings at the Lonesome Jug, and though Carol was able to interact with Adwin with more success, and perhaps lay a false trail, I’m a little leery of plans that result in having Cyrus knock her out.

Brundle’s message from Peony frankly worries me—I don’t think the Carthians, the Red Masks, or anyone else would hesitate to harm her should they wish to torture Brundle. And I too received a message, but am uncertain of its portents. Pouring from the fiddle inherited from my mentor were the words “They seek <unclear> life <unclear> crystal.” Something is stirring. And the other news received via the Conor impersonator, and his words on Jeranil Talinos, fill me with worry.

But this was ultimately a quiet time for the majority of us, a time to get to know one another better: Brundle’s professionalism, Thistle’s easy humor, Cyrus’ ability to work out his feelings through violence, Lilliana’s packing prowess, Carol’s penchant for a absorbing drink (never drink with her, if you know what’s good for you), and Gedda’s…whatever Gedda’s good at.

We sailed to Cullensfast, and what awaits us in the Spinestones…that remains to be seen.



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