Dragonbone Kingdoms

Last Session Summary


Will write something a little more creative in the next few days, but for now:

- Hedda the dwarf alchemist Charms Brundle, groupies up. Thistle locks herself in room with ice cream and sappy novels.
- Group at first tries to investigate drug trade through Laila, “the elf from the university”
- Brundle & Merrilyn succeed in bluffing their way into Laila’s house
- Gain information from Laila on Brundle’s Snake cult nemeses.
o Cult of Serazin
o Originally from Splinterscale Island
o Discovered a power source after the war, possibly a deal with some kind of creature
o Brundle’s scale armor was made of the skin of one of their champions
o Their cult is strongest in Releria
- Feeling a dead end in origins of drugs as well as failing to receive information about the Reborn Talon (group error, misremembering connection), group turns to Conor’s bandits.
- Merrilyn, Cyrus, & Carol gather information on the bandits, Liliana researches family, Brundle scopes out Laila’s mansion in case they need to go back.
- Information gleaned:
o Conor setting up group of highwaymen in exchange for a cut of the profits
o Making it known, almost too much, that he’s from Howlett.
o Raiders, thieves, etc.
o Contact is Quint Karras, to be found at the Murdered Horse Inn
- Cyrus originally requested to infiltrate, but after explaining his emotional investment, Brundle and Liliana meet with Quint instead.
- To join group, given choice to go to Immerick to deal with an insolent client: Raidel Dais, a dockhand skimming off the top.
- Pair given Jester Coin with a hole in it as a calling card
- Raidel buckles under pressure and Liliana’s intimidating Burning Gaze, gives info on drugs before skipping town:
o Comes over land from the dwarves, from the sea elsewhere (unknown). They load up the ferry and ship it into town.
- Pair accepted into group, meet Not Conor at a compound.
o Partnered with Red Masks, don’t tread on each other’s toes.
o “Other backers” want chaos
o “Damiluses” want to create ground support in the coming war, war profiteering
o Not Conor knows nothing about the explosion at Loreguard
o Jester Coin calling cards are “taken” from victims
- Group offered job as Highwaymen in the North.



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