Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 3: Into a Den of Thieves

After a lively, and extensive, breakfast conversation, the group headed to the Northshore guard barracks, to check for further employment opportunities. Captain Davin Maler recognized them from their previous business with the orc in the sewer, and hired them to investigate a robbery. Conor Damilis, eldest son of a noble family was mugged on the street, and demanded the return of his belongings -specifically a leather bag with the Damilus family crest on it. With the promise of a large reward, the group took on the job.
They headed first to the Damilus estate, where they questioned Conor and the head of his bodyguard, Belenna Malin. They learned from her that Conor deliberately ditched his bodyguard before the mugging, and that he used to have a problem with drugs. When Carol and Vashara took a gentle tack with Conor, he said that the head of the thugs was a huge man with a hammer, and that the mugging took place near a place called The Rutting Elf.
When the group investigated the flophouse, the corpulent owner told them that they saw the attack, and sent them after a man named Dunphy for more information. Dunphy revealed that the big man went by the name Berrick, and was a recent arrival in the city, operating from a nearby warehouse without sanction from the local thieves’ guild.
Locating the warehouse on the waterfront, the group tried to approach the side entrance stealthily, but Carol’s inner prankster sent Merrilyn into the water, alerting the guards. Unaware of their allies’ misstep, Vashara and Kaneda stuck to the plan, neutralizing the guard at the front. When the footpads inside discovered Thistle and Marilyn (soaking wet) at the side door, and Kaneda standing over a dead body at the front, they raised the alarm and the fight was joined in earnest. Vashara swooped into the warehouse and took a prime firing position, but the thugs’ leader, a mage called Squint, hit her with several spells and kept her from attacking. While Kaneda moved to get the mage, Thistle & Buttercup, with magical support from Marilyn and Carol, tore through the goons on the floor.
Cornered, wounded, and alone, the mage attempted to escape through the water, but Marilyn gave chase and subdued him; Thistle likewise caught one of the goons. The battle was finished, but Berrick was no where to be found. Under interrogation,Squint revealed that Berrick found some papers in Conor’s bag he sought to sell, and left to meet his contact at Griffon’s Rest Inn, west of Kestral. Taking the gang’s ill-gotten gains with them, the party turned the survivors in to Capt. Meler, got some horses, and set out after Berrick, who had a sizable head start.
Now, as night falls and a storm blows in off of Lake Sathir, the party rides out after Berrick, hoping to catch him before he reaches the inn and meets his contact.



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