Dragonbone Kingdoms

Session 1: Forging the Party

Through pure coincidence, Carol, Kaneda, Merrilyn, and Vashara were all at the Lakeview Inn in Kestral, when the owner’s daughter announced that something was in the cellar, and her little brother, David, was down there with them. When the four fledgling heroes went to investigate, they found 4 goblins ransacking the Inn’s supplies. After a brief battle the goblins were slain, but David was no where to be found.

A sewer grate led into the city’s sewers, and the party pressed on. While Kaneda tried to open a large wooden gate (covering himself in sewage in the process), Merrilyn disturbed a pair of dire rats. The monstrous rodents attacked him, but the party was able to take them out, suffering a few nasty and disease-ridden bites in the process. Carol disinfected the wounds as Kaneda searched through the garbage heaps the rats were using as a nest, finding a handful of gold coins and a well-made wooden spear. As the party prepared to leave the area, Merrilyn’s keen elven eyes spotted a secret door, possibly allowing the group to circumvent the wooden gate.

The elven bard peered through secret door into a small storeroom, where he spotted a small humanoid form lying in the dust, but when Carol moved in to investigate she was ambushed by a strange, long-limbed creature. The creature, aptly called a Choker, seized her by the throat, and when Kaneda rushed to her defense the fierce aberration wounded him badly and he was knocked unconscious, bleeding profusely. With one ally dying, and another pinned by the Choker, Merrilyn stepped forward and used his bardic talents to fascinate the creature, lulling it into a stupor. With the creature in thrall, the rest of the group was able to recover their wounds and regroup, before Vashara decided that the creature should be dealt with for good. With the tables turned, they were able to put the creature down and check the room for supplies, and investigate the small dead body, which turned out to be a goblin, slain and partially devoured by the Choker.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Kestral, Thistle was asked by a city constable to locate two sewer maintenance workers, who didn’t report back from their last shift.



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